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Deer launches. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deer launches. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead deer 40
Meaning of the dream: unexpected aid

deer sick 62
Description: precarious financial situation

deer drinking 32
Interpretation of the dream: contacts to resume

deer sleeping 18
Translation: fear and insecurity

possess the deer 44
Dream description: sensitivity and intuition

wounded deer 20
Meaning: hostility in family

Deer in cage 78
Translation of the dream: insults and attempts at deception

deer on the run 60
Interpretation: good business

young deer in the herd 15
Sense of the dream: joy

deer tied 6
What does it mean: Decision to be taken

leaping deer 48
Meaning of the dream: lucrative job

deer running 44
Description: intuition in business

hunt the deer 60
Interpretation of the dream: shame

deers 71
Translation: I earn

deer grazing 45
Dream description: lucky encounters

deer running away 40
Meaning: lack of control

deer died 57
Translation of the dream: rupture of relations

deer eating 13
Interpretation: likely change

see a group of deer 19
Sense of the dream: many friendships

see deer jump 24
What does it mean: fun with friends

see a deer 83
Meaning of the dream: increase in wealth

kill a deer 4
Description: severe accident

launches car 1
Interpretation of the dream: intense passion

kill deer 81
Translation: triumph over his enemies weak

ensnare deer 28
Dream description: surprises with money

take a deer 15
Meaning: intimate satisfactions

deer antlers 25
Translation of the dream: rapid rise

see deer running 7
Interpretation: Financial disinterest

see herd of small and female deer 2
Sense of the dream: wealth and fortune in proportion to their numbers

see the deer hunt 13
What does it mean: despair

deer 12
Meaning of the dream: sincere love and even prosperity

fallow deer 90
Description: Good news

launching of a submarine 6
Interpretation of the dream: just reward

launch 31
Translation: instinctive nature

launching of a warship 68
Dream description: anxieties and fears

launch a kick 76
Meaning: critically

launch receive curse 80
Translation of the dream: you re convinced that someone hates you

release references 32
Interpretation: sympathy unrequited

spear 48
Sense of the dream: unexpected profit

strike up 58
What does it mean: program to change

broken spear 2
Meaning of the dream: serious difficulties

begin to cry 78
Description: good news in love

brandishing a spear 73
Interpretation of the dream: attention to missteps

burst tire 67
Translation: lack of loyalty

Lancer throwing 11
Dream description: restful agreement sentimental

shooting 85
Meaning: interior conflict

burst 83
Translation of the dream: a lot of pressure and stress

unleash 50
Interpretation: fear and fighting

be insolent to 64
Sense of the dream: senseless actions

skydiver who jumps 27
What does it mean: false friendships

injured by a spear 85
Meaning of the dream: dissatisfaction over

arm themselves with spears 12
Description: unexpected profit

see kites 6
Interpretation of the dream: You receive the gift of a fruit basket

chamois 36
Translation: best chance