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Decorate nails. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream decorate nails. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

decorate an altar 4
Meaning of the dream: small differences

decorate a theater 82
Description: wishes that come true

decorate a crib 52
Interpretation of the dream: successes delayed

decorate a bathroom 56
Translation: bitterness for a disappointment

decorate a room 90
Dream description: good intentions

decorate a tree 65
Meaning: hidden enemies

decorate with flowers 79
Translation of the dream: moral satisfaction

decorate a palace 8
Interpretation: order concerns

decorate a road 44
Sense of the dream: good business

decorate a church 18
What does it mean: invitation to a trip

decorate the shop window 68
Meaning of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

decorate with plants 18
Description: difficulty

decorate with leaves 3
Interpretation of the dream: lasting success

white nails 46
Translation: good health

decorate medals 56
Dream description: lack of reflection

clean your nails 50
Meaning: someone waiting for your news

tear off nails 89
Translation of the dream: serious economic difficulties

decorate the house 36
Interpretation: unannounced visits

decorate a cross 66
Sense of the dream: Health Concerns

decorate with tapestries 34
What does it mean: indecision

decorate with embroidered 75
Meaning of the dream: domestic happiness

long nails 87
Description: avarice

to decorate 14
Interpretation of the dream: agitated life

see nails 22
Translation: are you happy to be popular among your friends

very short nails 78
Dream description: melancholy

cut their nails 84
Meaning: squabbling and moodiness

dirty fingernails 65
Translation of the dream: remorse for wrongdoing

cut nails others 68
Interpretation: serious quarrels

being cut nails 28
Sense of the dream: loss

scrub your fingernails 18
What does it mean: loss of money

pulling nails 5
Meaning of the dream: tough love

nail biting 49
Description: insecurity and mistrust

nails of hands 62
Interpretation of the dream: duties to perform

primroses decorate 1
Translation: weakness of character

Scissors for nails 16
Dream description: frequent moves

remove nails 41
Meaning: You will break with a friend

nails with enamel 54
Translation of the dream: mild illness

ingrown toenails 4
Interpretation: criticism and gossip

fingernails 59
Sense of the dream: represent your emotional ties

brush for nail 24
What does it mean: loyalty and constancy

straighten nails 1
Meaning of the dream: you are very thoughtful

nail varnish 51
Description: vanity

Toenails 11
Interpretation of the dream: family trouble

driving nails 37
Translation: you ll have new friends

nails 25
Dream description: represent your emotional ties

red nail polish 20
Meaning: problems in the family

Nail handmade 38
Translation of the dream: faithful friends

ornament themselves with jewelry 33
Interpretation: Pending betrayed

nail crate 24
Sense of the dream: financial trouble

seeing a nail 40
What does it mean: decisions guess

Nail shoe 8
Meaning of the dream: bewilderment

nail table 12
Description: wrath

shoes with nails 10
Interpretation of the dream: efforts needed to be made

rusty nail 30
Translation: careful with money

Nail wrong 66
Dream description: loss of an object