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Deceive someone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deceive someone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

deceive someone 13
Meaning of the dream: something is unrequited in love

deceive relatives 69
Description: safety and protection

deceive parents 46
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness and malaise

deceive with flatteries 8
Translation: little hope

fool Brother 40
Dream description: serious altercations in family

deceive others 30
Meaning: complications and losses

deceive her husband 66
Translation of the dream: displeasure family

confuse or deceive 42
Interpretation: making unexpected gains

cheat people 54
Sense of the dream: strange situations

cheat the skein 56
What does it mean: at this time we are missing the leadership

cheat master 64
Meaning of the dream: protections friends

fool friends 34
Description: vanity exaggerated

deceive his wife 53
Interpretation of the dream: boredom and loneliness

cheat a buyer 62
Translation: opportunity to be seized

burn someone 24
Dream description: problems for your business

replace someone 40
Meaning: tries to be less moralistic

get rid of someone 63
Translation of the dream: tightness that you are living in the reality

subjugate someone 77
Interpretation: try to be more humble

escort someone 48
Sense of the dream: next meeting

cheat a friend 11
What does it mean: serious decisions

to trick 70
Meaning of the dream: boredom and loneliness

dupe the authorities 45
Description: reproach

see someone fired 68
Interpretation of the dream: person on whom they are serious doubts

cheat a partner 2
Translation: immediate realization

shave someone 16
Dream description: provocation not collect

tease someone 40
Meaning: you can not hold back the impetus

masturbate someone 72
Translation of the dream: sexual problems

save someone from the fire 13
Interpretation: luck in business

to embellish someone 39
Sense of the dream: would you like to change the character of a person

identify someone 90
What does it mean: are you fearing for your health

misjudge someone 85
Meaning of the dream: you re always reckless

approach someone 65
Description: you ll have a new relationship

shoving someone 17
Interpretation of the dream: work stress

confine someone in an institution 41
Translation: someone wants to take away your freedom

take aim at someone 76
Dream description: You do not want to forget your enemy

track someone 13
Meaning: assistance of friends and good luck

deface someone 31
Translation of the dream: Your action will leave a mark

accuse someone 90
Interpretation: sorrows secrets

yelling at someone 2
Sense of the dream: period of too much stress

cheat the cards 64
What does it mean: childhood

see someone bury 50
Meaning of the dream: hopes to heal

command to someone 1
Description: boredom

confine someone to be locked up 23
Interpretation of the dream: They expect many difficulties

dagger hit someone 3
Translation: vanquished foes

see someone wrecked 26
Dream description: your marriage is in danger

put someone in handcuffs 13
Meaning: concerns

see someone hanged 77
Translation of the dream: persecution

gather around someone 22
Interpretation: serious danger averted