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Deceased who plays guitar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deceased who plays guitar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hear him play guitar 38
Meaning of the dream: deceit uncovered

playing the guitar 58
Description: inconstancy and lightness

deceased 10
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

old guitar 86
Translation: ambitious projects

buy guitar 46
Dream description: compromises wishlist

guitar with 5 strings 16
Meaning: confusing situation

French guitar 36
Translation of the dream: waste of energy

selling guitar 17
Interpretation: difficult task

guitar with four strings 25
Sense of the dream: complex situation

guitar 11
What does it mean: desire to confide but fear of not finding understanding

guitar with three strings 21
Meaning of the dream: harmonious relationship with spouse

Guitar teacher 62
Description: good luck

broken guitar 61
Interpretation of the dream: impossible desires

electric guitar 5
Translation: listen to the advice of friends

67 - Smorfia classic: squid in the guitar 67

guitar out of tune 16
Meaning: benefits passengers

tune a guitar 11
Translation of the dream: new projects

deceased welldressed 66
Interpretation: there is a concern for the health of a family member

string guitar 44
Sense of the dream: new turnover

cat that plays 57
What does it mean: promise to keep

peasant who plays 33
Meaning of the dream: prudence in writing

farmer who plays 75
Description: you always want the best without straining

eyed man who plays 65
Interpretation of the dream: need for discipline

Jesuit plays 31
Translation: deceitful flattery

altercation with the deceased 29
Dream description: favors from a woman

crown for deceased 12
Meaning: exchange of courtesies

honor a deceased 19
Translation of the dream: better times

angel playing the harp 65
Interpretation: someone looking from above

child playing with you 80
Sense of the dream: you have not forgotten the naivete

child playing 6
What does it mean: consolation from children

guitar player 71
Meaning of the dream: extravagant thoughts

Abbot playing 21
Description: We have to try to fix some complex situations

man playing 8
Interpretation of the dream: shady business

woman playing 16
Translation: freedom of decision

organ playing it 86
Dream description: You are unable to cope on their own to problems

orchestra playing 33
Meaning: devotion to family

playing harp 9
Translation of the dream: lasting happiness

burrow 19
Interpretation: Danger averted

cat toying with them 5
Sense of the dream: you will be attacked by thieves

hear playing contrabass 28
What does it mean: steadfastness of purpose

feel playing harp 75
Meaning of the dream: false illusions

fox hole 39
Description: loss of security

rotating platform 78
Interpretation of the dream: changing character

play the drum 51
Translation: clear ideas to be implemented

knock on the door 4
Dream description: nostalgic spirit

bell that rings 48
Meaning: message of your subconscious

feel playing the trumpet 55
Translation of the dream: good prospects

boys playing 21
Interpretation: positive affective balance

priests playing 13
Sense of the dream: secret betrayed