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Deceased welldressed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream deceased welldressed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

deceased welldressed 66
Meaning of the dream: there is a concern for the health of a family member

deceased 10
Description: good omen

man dressed in white 63
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

dressed man 27
Translation: News coming soon

honor a deceased 19
Dream description: better times

be dressed in white 32
Meaning: joy

ghost dressed in white 7
Translation of the dream: good luck

fall asleep dressed 49
Interpretation: passion paid

altercation with the deceased 29
Sense of the dream: favors from a woman

crown for deceased 12
What does it mean: exchange of courtesies

get on well 41
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with relatives

live well 13
Description: dangerous follies

dressed as a monk 39
Interpretation of the dream: inner rebellion

spend well 85
Translation: insights to follow

well stocked bar 81
Dream description: dispute with family

calculate well 86
Meaning: lack of objectivity

salad dressed 90
Translation of the dream: hoping in vain for some help

be well shod 5
Interpretation: profit

head well-coiffed 37
Sense of the dream: new knowledge

well cultivated farm 49
What does it mean: excellent earnings

dress evil 12
Meaning of the dream: nostalgia secret

well found 25
Description: ill will

comb well or easily 59
Interpretation of the dream: friendship, gain process

It is well marked by smallpox 83
Translation: dishonor

tenor who sings well 28
Dream description: small delays

women dress 54
Meaning: disorder and discontent

well with water 35
Translation of the dream: disappointments and reversals of situation

naked see a beautiful and well-made 79
Interpretation: great sorrows

eat well 65
Sense of the dream: fear or guilt for something

well kept 33
What does it mean: great news

to do well 11
Meaning of the dream: feel the weight of your responsibilities

speak well 40
Description: bad habits

work well 18
Interpretation of the dream: displeasure

heal well 6
Translation: nice visit

feel good 13
Dream description: dangers

well paid job 17
Meaning: sorrows

space very well 77
Translation of the dream: contrasts

dress 35
Interpretation: protection security

military dressed in plain clothes 73
Sense of the dream: interesting letter

ball gown 34
What does it mean: behavior to be corrected

dressing well 56
Meaning of the dream: desire for power

new dress 29
Description: concerns about the money

night gown 37
Interpretation of the dream: prospects happy

wear a dress 11
Translation: good intentions

colorful dress 60
Dream description: realizations

red dress 48
Meaning: security

child's dress 3
Translation of the dream: impromptu

give a dress 4
Interpretation: clarity of ideas

throw a dress 44
Sense of the dream: danger

stain on the dress 37
What does it mean: discouragement and punishment

man's suit 16
Meaning of the dream: support to be given

tight dress 66
Description: physical discomfort

wide dress 84
Interpretation of the dream: good health

take off her dress 9
Translation: Discussions with family