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Dear pork. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dear pork. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dear lawyer 90
Meaning of the dream: serious responsibility

pork chop 15
Description: susceptibility exaggerated

pork meat 41
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous purchases

pork offal 55
Translation: Reports inconstant

tooth pork 46
Dream description: wealth of ideas

pork liver 28
Meaning: impressionability and indecision

Pork street 34
Translation of the dream: confusion and difficulty

lean pork 81
Interpretation: new possibilities

pork dead 6
Sense of the dream: wrath

eat pork 58
What does it mean: difficult situations

pork sausage 7
Meaning of the dream: enforceable rights

sliced ​​pork 66
Description: project success

pork broth 45
Interpretation of the dream: professional satisfaction

pork guts 33
Translation: excessive exuberance

Acorn for pork 28
Dream description: Doom

pork stew 53
Meaning: meta inaccessible

pork tongue 26
Translation of the dream: challenges to overcome

pork market 33
Interpretation: energies to good use

roast pork 77
Sense of the dream: truth misrepresented

pork leg 35
What does it mean: new knowledge

rib of pork 37
Meaning of the dream: hide behind someone can not give a solution to a problem, need courage and sincerity

salt pork 2
Description: wrath

pork loin 58
Interpretation of the dream: trying to enforce your rights

4 - Smorfia classic: pork 4

endear 4
Dream description: Danger averted

dearly 52
Meaning: discussions and pains