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Dead wrong name. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead wrong name. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

take a false name 81
Meaning of the dream: dangerous lack of reflection

falsify name 31
Description: you're afraid of something

remember a name 21
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and momentum

bad name 48
Translation: excellent health

recollect a name 40
Dream description: unusual happenings

woman's name 16
Meaning: sense of justice

short name 53
Translation of the dream: indiscretion of a friend

first name 18
Interpretation: you have forgotten your true self or your family roots

other name day 11
Sense of the dream: clashes of views with loved ones

being called by name 13
What does it mean: nervous tension

name Adam 88
Meaning of the dream: heavy duty

call by name 83
Description: satisfaction for your needs

wrong job 55
Interpretation of the dream: danger passenger

women with the name of Mary 34
Translation: fortune

call someone by name 57
Dream description: probable visits

celebrate a name day 51
Meaning: very complex person

wrong purchase 38
Translation of the dream: compromises dangerous

wrong address 11
Interpretation: spirit stingy

garland dead 16
Sense of the dream: family trouble

cur dead 26
What does it mean: end of a concern

shank dead 53
Meaning of the dream: diseases

Commodore dead 49
Description: pleasant novelty

halberdier dead 45
Interpretation of the dream: small ailment

capon dead 48
Translation: agitated life

dodger dead 32
Dream description: overcome differences

toast for a name day 36
Meaning: mood changes

wrong calculation 6
Translation of the dream: Good news

morsel wrong 27
Interpretation: moment of personal growth

Hair dead 29
Sense of the dream: exaggerated optimism

oleander wrong 58
What does it mean: enmities and hostilities

number and be wrong in the calculation 7
Meaning of the dream: deception, accusation

wish for the name day 38
Description: slander

elm wrong 58
Interpretation of the dream: enmities

old dead 34
Translation: next advantages

ridge dead 48
Dream description: waste of money

Archbishop dead 87
Meaning: disloyalty in business

Abbess dead 33
Translation of the dream: reversal of fortune

eagle dead 70
Interpretation: loss of prestige

gunner dead 67
Sense of the dream: prosperity

vulture dead 31
What does it mean: concessions to do

female dead 39
Meaning of the dream: joys of love

chicks dead 1
Description: sorry for treason

quail dead 15
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstanding

swallow dead 79
Translation: treachery

mole dead 87
Dream description: emotional instability

conspired dead 87
Meaning: collapse of a love

eel dead 67
Translation of the dream: waste of money

goldfinch dead 47
Interpretation: disappointment passing

hugs dead 17
Sense of the dream: happiness in love

orphaned dead 77
What does it mean: agitation and anxiety

dead Marshal 31
Meaning of the dream: You want to get rid of any responsibility

cicada dead 84
Description: painful disappointments

smuggler dead 6
Interpretation of the dream: selfishness and greed

ostrich dead 81
Translation: waste of energy

start down the wrong path 60
Dream description: good success