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Dead sister in the garden. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead sister in the garden. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead sister 27
Meaning of the dream: Good news and novelties

fountain in the garden 50
Description: guilt trip

dine in the garden 62
Interpretation of the dream: important meeting

walk in the garden 89
Translation: social life interesting

hanged in the garden 81
Dream description: generosity and courage

Ant in the garden 16
Meaning: momentary separation

fireflies in the garden 44
Translation of the dream: major transformation for your femininity

Ice in the garden 2
Interpretation: heightened emotionality

radishes in the garden 8
Sense of the dream: temporary irritation

rest in the garden 71
What does it mean: changing situation

Penguin in the garden 81
Meaning of the dream: need of improvement

dead whale 74
Description: disagreements with family

hoeing the garden 59
Interpretation of the dream: adventurous spirit

loving sister 15
Translation: return of money

insult sister 78
Dream description: desire to escape

sister 26
Meaning: a person who loves will be of great help

See dead mother 47
Translation of the dream: increase of consideration

sister married 13
Interpretation: actions inconsistent

dead woodcock 70
Sense of the dream: unscrupulousness

dead ant 31
What does it mean: problems at work

arrest of sister 72
Meaning of the dream: combativeness

sweeping a garden 78
Description: energetic personality

go in garden 45
Interpretation of the dream: you will become rich in proportion to your hunger

raking in a garden 73
Translation: problems being solved

arrival of sister 6
Dream description: confidence and sincerity

beautify the garden 51
Meaning: projects fruitless

weed a garden 10
Translation of the dream: hopes serene

rent a garden 25
Interpretation: prosperity conquered

devastate a garden 37
Sense of the dream: dangerous investments

garden destroyed 60
What does it mean: achieving a goal

abandoned by her sister 33
Meaning of the dream: Councils concerned

cultivate the garden 51
Description: success and recognition

digging the garden 23
Interpretation of the dream: pugnacity

fencing a garden 2
Translation: new relationships

royal garden 33
Dream description: love for comfort

younger sister 28
Meaning: disagreement with her mother

widowed sister 58
Translation of the dream: supports secrets

sister drowned 23
Interpretation: conflicts and quarrels

arrange a garden 67
Sense of the dream: small gain

heir sister 40
What does it mean: uncertainties about the future

garden 51
Meaning of the dream: luck and good news

building with garden 26
Description: false flattery

resemble sister 23
Interpretation of the dream: mental clarity

dead woman 11
Translation: Crisis in love

dead daughter 33
Dream description: obscure maneuvers to discover

dead turtledove 84
Meaning: difficult problems

dead bitch 23
Translation of the dream: instability of mood

dead grandmother 33
Interpretation: good omens

garden with hot 31
Sense of the dream: fear of the future

sister alive 78
What does it mean: willingness stubborn

garden with greenhouse 24
Meaning of the dream: possibility of a trip

avenue of a garden 44
Description: initiative

dead cow 84
Interpretation of the dream: disputes difficult

dead soul 14
Translation: you need assistance for families

dead mother 47
Dream description: increase of consideration

dead whore 76
Meaning: considerable fortune

dead giraffe 45
Translation of the dream: new perspectives and big changes

dead seagull 50
Interpretation: serious opposition