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Dead pig hanging. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead pig hanging. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead pig 6
Meaning of the dream: wrath

laundry hanging 47
Description: malignancy on your account

see many clothes hanging 67
Interpretation of the dream: pain

hanging meat 23
Translation: new possibilities

hanging chandelier 19
Dream description: little understanding

hanging pictures 64
Meaning: You will not aid in the expected difficult occasion, sadness and despair

squares hanging 23
Translation of the dream: strong sexual desire

Balcony with clothes hanging 37
Interpretation: bright future

picture hanging on the wall 21
Sense of the dream: momentary satisfaction

pig 4
What does it mean: obsessive love that must be checked if you do not get a rejection and even ridicule

pig brain 15
Meaning of the dream: attitudes decided

pig in the pigsty 32
Description: unusual experiences

fat pig 40
Interpretation of the dream: avarice

kill a pig 21
Translation: news of distant relatives

Food on a pig 82
Dream description: sacrifices to bear

pig snout 56
Meaning: interests to defend

eating pig 58
Translation of the dream: difficult situations

eat a pig 69
Interpretation: welfare

pig street 34
Sense of the dream: confusion and difficulty

lean pig 81
What does it mean: new possibilities

feed a pig 82
Meaning of the dream: sacrifices

pig grazing 29
Description: special joy

guinea pig 60
Interpretation of the dream: impatience from curb

brutally kill a pig 50
Translation: serious damage

dead 47
Dream description: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

be dead 10
Meaning: good health

see dead 57
Translation of the dream: joy

old dead 34
Interpretation: next advantages

dead abbot 11
Sense of the dream: dangers

Abbess dead 33
What does it mean: reversal of fortune

dead lamb 9
Meaning of the dream: protection

heron dead 56
Description: sweeping changes

halberdier dead 45
Interpretation of the dream: small ailment

dead lark 6
Translation: disagreement in the family

dead lover 48
Dream description: enthusiasm for new knowledge

ambulance with a dead 90
Meaning: physical force

eel dead 67
Translation of the dream: waste of money

Dead animals 89
Interpretation: precision work

appearance of dead 46
Sense of the dream: concentration and profits

eagle dead 70
What does it mean: loss of prestige

gunner dead 67
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

dead donkey 9
Description: small differences

vulture dead 31
Interpretation of the dream: concessions to do

dead whale 74
Translation: disagreements with family

dead baby 14
Dream description: morbid thoughts

coffin with the dead 17
Meaning: dangerous changes

stretcher with a dead 50
Translation of the dream: obstinacy in resolutions

dead woodcock 70
Interpretation: unscrupulousness

undertaker with a dead 64
Sense of the dream: confidentiality feelings