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Dead person making a cake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead person making a cake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

make the cake 83
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction and rest

dead person 2
Description: good omen

serve the cake 74
Interpretation of the dream: lifelong friends

cut the cake 22
Translation: next trip

eat cake 60
Dream description: good health

get the cake 88
Meaning: efforts with a happy ending

cake with cocoa 16
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness

bake the cake 10
Interpretation: love declaration

layer cake 12
Sense of the dream: joys family

Chocolate Cake 40
What does it mean: physical discomfort

buy cake 54
Meaning of the dream: new opportunities

shaped cake 16
Description: unenthusiastically

polenta cake 87
Interpretation of the dream: economic improvements

cake with sweetened ricotta (ice cream) 69
Translation: useful meetings

cake made with chestnut flour 90
Dream description: good news

Strawberry cake 20
Meaning: sacrifices that will surely be rewarded

give the cake 8
Translation of the dream: precarious economic situation

cake 3
Interpretation: misery

slice of cake 6
Sense of the dream: family party

empathize with a person 28
What does it mean: period of emotional tranquility

burning in person 8
Meaning of the dream: constancy

opponent a person 64
Description: Good news

wax cake 30
Interpretation of the dream: non-resistance

person 11
Translation: desire to bring out our personalities

foreplay with a person 28
Dream description: repressed sexual needs

proven wrong person 9
Meaning: you feel in good conscience

take the cake 3
Translation of the dream: shrewdness in business

crumble cake 89
Interpretation: generosity and courage

see surrender a person 11
Sense of the dream: fortune

sleeping with naked person 10
What does it mean: reason to fear the trap in which they will be taken

grateful person 6
Meaning of the dream: was agitated

see a dead person's own family 31
Description: your life will be long

a person looking vulgar 53
Interpretation of the dream: expected betrayals by friendly people

unknown person 59
Translation: lust for life

dishonest person 7
Dream description: cunning masquerade

person furs 66
Meaning: fear of not being able to deal with some situations

conspiratorial person 45
Translation of the dream: fear in love

cowardly person 10
Interpretation: fear of facing a situation

person available 68
Sense of the dream: you need a lot of help at this time

overactive person 3
What does it mean: hectic and stressful life

raise a person 19
Meaning of the dream: wisdom actions

biting a person 72
Description: lies and gossip

fun with distinct person 37
Interpretation of the dream: luck and honors

person dismembered 21
Translation: Fear of losing your skills

uninhibited person 14
Dream description: You have low selfesteem

person foolish 28
Meaning: their insecurities

prevent a person 62
Translation of the dream: exuberant fantasy

discover a person 36
Interpretation: end of a concern

replace a person 31
Sense of the dream: commitments to be paid

a person riding 87
What does it mean: waste of energy

warn a person 64
Meaning of the dream: Good news