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Dead man with blue sweater. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead man with blue sweater. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see a dead man 90
Meaning of the dream: serious concerns

dead man 20
Description: great melancholy

wool sweater 9
Interpretation of the dream: actions hampered

silk sweater 70
Translation: danger of deception

dead man Walking 31
Dream description: sudden impediment

eyed man dead 21
Meaning: betrayal of friends

see the color blue 64
Translation of the dream: happy omen

blue dress 51
Interpretation: nearby a woman

blue flower 63
Sense of the dream: lucky in love

blue sky 43
What does it mean: extraordinary meetings

blue sign 1
Meaning of the dream: birth of a child

color blue 84
Description: dangerous fall

blue eyes 41
Interpretation of the dream: good news and expectations

blue bottle 35
Translation: economic difficulties

blue bow 88
Dream description: Late regrets

apron blue 29
Meaning: short shift

blue typeface 45
Translation of the dream: low energy

blue muslin 67
Interpretation: quick fix

blue penguin 36
Sense of the dream: strong emotions

wearing blue apron 38
What does it mean: womanish chatter

light blue colour 44
Meaning of the dream: harassment passing

dead 47
Description: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

be dead 10
Interpretation of the dream: good health

see dead 57
Translation: joy

old dead 34
Dream description: next advantages

dead abbot 11
Meaning: dangers

Abbess dead 33
Translation of the dream: reversal of fortune

dead lamb 9
Interpretation: protection

heron dead 56
Sense of the dream: sweeping changes

halberdier dead 45
What does it mean: small ailment

dead lark 6
Meaning of the dream: disagreement in the family

dead lover 48
Description: enthusiasm for new knowledge

ambulance with a dead 90
Interpretation of the dream: physical force

eel dead 67
Translation: waste of money

Dead animals 89
Dream description: precision work

appearance of dead 46
Meaning: concentration and profits

eagle dead 70
Translation of the dream: loss of prestige

gunner dead 67
Interpretation: prosperity

dead donkey 9
Sense of the dream: small differences

vulture dead 31
What does it mean: concessions to do

dead whale 74
Meaning of the dream: disagreements with family

dead baby 14
Description: morbid thoughts

coffin with the dead 17
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous changes

stretcher with a dead 50
Translation: obstinacy in resolutions

dead woodcock 70
Dream description: unscrupulousness

undertaker with a dead 64
Meaning: confidentiality feelings

dresses dead 73
Translation of the dream: sad omen for future days

accompany a dead 37
Interpretation: a deal gone very wrong

suede dead 83
Sense of the dream: developments to let ripen

dead canary 90
What does it mean: opportunities to grasp

kid dead 50
Meaning of the dream: fluke