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Dead jelly crying. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream dead jelly crying. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

jelly 3
Meaning of the dream: indiscretion of a friend

eat jelly 22
Description: family sorrows

salted jelly 45
Interpretation of the dream: inner struggle

jelly in broth 8
Translation: little critical sense

meat jelly 23
Dream description: indiscretion of a friend

jealous crying 76
Meaning: a person close not sincere and hiding his true thoughts

He died crying 13
Translation of the dream: negative experience

jailer crying 15
Interpretation: uncontrolled passion

little baby crying 9
Sense of the dream: useful request to be accepted

damn crying 60
What does it mean: long wait patient

mother crying 54
Meaning of the dream: concerns

boy crying 50
Description: increasing business

comic crying 77
Interpretation of the dream: danger of breakage

sick crying 86
Translation: growth of assets

lover crying 57
Dream description: animosity justified

feverish crying 66
Meaning: I gave you my precise instructions

prisoner crying 49
Translation of the dream: plans to change

angel crying 9
Interpretation: protection not required

crying baby 40
Sense of the dream: happiness reached

man crying 2
What does it mean: quarrelsome spirit

dead sea 43
Meaning of the dream: art tormented by someone

ancestor weeping 71
Description: discussion controversy

crazy crying 15
Interpretation of the dream: welcome gift

Dancer crying 59
Translation: tendency to pessimism

girl crying 3
Dream description: serious difficulties

65 - Smorfia classic: crying 65

widow crying 60
Translation of the dream: heavy responsibilities and obligations

curb crying 71
Interpretation: opportunity for revenge

abbot crying 54
Sense of the dream: New appointments

healthy crying 15
What does it mean: generous impulses

a tertiary crying 61
Meaning of the dream: need for greater freedom

brother dead 58
Description: good novelty

cop dead 19
Interpretation of the dream: financial failure

villain dead 73
Translation: misunderstanding in love

combatant dead 49
Dream description: hard times

Franciscan dead 60
Meaning: stain on your soul

dead lawyer 10
Translation of the dream: unexpressed desires

see others crying 90
Interpretation: unnecessary fears

gunman dead 16
Sense of the dream: wish fulfillment

lieutenant dead 13
What does it mean: restlessness and inconstancy

rooster dead 67
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and concerns

acrobat dead 81
Description: no attempt was successful

dead baby 14
Interpretation of the dream: morbid thoughts

Admiral dead 32
Translation: successful passenger

dead commander 81
Dream description: powerful protectors

dead body 23
Meaning: joy and well-being

dead whispering ear 59
Translation of the dream: good news

dead 47
Interpretation: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

dead astronaut 17
Sense of the dream: obstinacy and nervousness

mouth weeping 69
What does it mean: reckless projects

accompany a dead 37
Meaning of the dream: a deal gone very wrong

dead motorist 78
Description: unwillingness

stripping a dead 5
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous situation

cry of a child 8
Translation: good wishes