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Dead hairdresser who works. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead hairdresser who works. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hairdresser who cuts 17
Meaning of the dream: needed a good deed

old who works 58
Description: inviting occasion

abbess who works 47
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous illusions

gardener who works 18
Translation: contrasts with relatives

porter who works 65
Dream description: devious advice not to accept

milliner who works 56
Meaning: useful clarifications

miner who works 43
Translation of the dream: your life will change

son who works 65
Interpretation: projects that fail

goldsmith who works 61
Sense of the dream: aid to be granted

hairdresser who cuts hair 18
What does it mean: illusions unfounded

laborer who works 75
Meaning of the dream: next marital separation

hairdresser 58
Description: talk to neighbors

cabinetmaker who works 21
Interpretation of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

beast that works 35
Translation: important negotiations

midwife who works 58
Dream description: considerable profit

hairdresser for man 21
Meaning: talk to neighbors

hairdresser for lady 35
Translation of the dream: passion of love

young girl who works 5
Interpretation: you are facing a bad time

go to the hairdresser 77
Sense of the dream: dangerous adventure

be a hairdresser 3
What does it mean: contrasts of love

dead ladybug 34
Meaning of the dream: bad omens

father works 87
Description: Fortunately unstable

hairdressing Curling 58
Interpretation of the dream: disputes and quarrels

dead woodcock 70
Translation: unscrupulousness

dead lark 6
Dream description: disagreement in the family

dead calling 11
Meaning: dangerous enmities

dead commander 81
Translation of the dream: powerful protectors

dead Marshal 31
Interpretation: You want to get rid of any responsibility

dead joker 30
Sense of the dream: want to get rid of an obstacle

acrobat working 40
What does it mean: devotion exaggerated

Hairdresser's helmet 23
Meaning of the dream: unjustified fears and anxiety

dead leopard 46
Description: improvements to be made

dead cricket 68
Interpretation of the dream: concrete statements

dead bear 19
Translation: understanding and altruism

dead abbot 11
Dream description: dangers

old dead 34
Meaning: next advantages

dead sentinel 85
Translation of the dream: ephemeral joys

dead lawyer 10
Interpretation: unexpressed desires

ridge dead 48
Sense of the dream: waste of money

dead fetus 73
What does it mean: illusions falling

dead carrier 51
Meaning of the dream: family arguments

dead master 86
Description: have any financial worries

eel dead 67
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

dead whale 74
Translation: disagreements with family

dead naked 21
Dream description: loss of a friend

Archbishop dead 87
Meaning: disloyalty in business

dead feline 32
Translation of the dream: need to overcome a problem

Hair dead 29
Interpretation: exaggerated optimism

Colonel dead 68
Sense of the dream: failure

dead astronaut 17
What does it mean: obstinacy and nervousness

pork dead 6
Meaning of the dream: wrath

walk with dead 45
Description: good intentions