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Dead grandfather asking food. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead grandfather asking food. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tramp asking food 86
Meaning of the dream: sense of responsibility

resemble the grandfather 49
Description: disagreements over money

grandfather or grandmother 50
Interpretation of the dream: need sacraments

flies on the food 44
Translation: tormenting dilemma

sniff out food 8
Dream description: penis secret

Cook food 9
Meaning: overcome difficulties

cooking food 4
Translation of the dream: hopes that come true

bland food 47
Interpretation: misunderstanding clarified

grandfather 56
Sense of the dream: nearby heritage

cold food 19
What does it mean: new knowledge

obtain food 69
Meaning of the dream: bad omen

healthy food 82
Description: feelings uncertain

dead lawyer 10
Interpretation of the dream: unexpressed desires

warm up the food 70
Translation: economic necessity

consume food 38
Dream description: profits and joys

dead abbot 11
Meaning: dangers

reject food 48
Translation of the dream: deceptions secrets

good food 12
Interpretation: thorny problems with relatives

burnt food 1
Sense of the dream: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

dead master 86
What does it mean: have any financial worries

dead carrier 51
Meaning of the dream: family arguments

hot food 24
Description: improvement in the activity

see eating food 39
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in business

maternal grandfather 76
Translation: Elevated protection

spoiled food 30
Dream description: small payout

dead bear 19
Meaning: understanding and altruism

dead man 20
Translation of the dream: great melancholy

dead lion 54
Interpretation: lack of money

dead parrot 40
Sense of the dream: hard problems

food to relatives 53
What does it mean: good news

dead king 17
Meaning of the dream: to overcome prejudices

dead son 5
Description: hidden pitfalls

heated food 17
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions secrets

dead motorist 78
Translation: unwillingness

bad food 15
Dream description: sudden conclusion

dead monk 10
Meaning: positive news

eat a hot food 80
Translation of the dream: change of position

abstain from food 67
Interpretation: do not trust friends

food scarce 30
Sense of the dream: circumstances of fortune

dead boar 75
What does it mean: skill and luck

dead enemy 18
Meaning of the dream: you solved your difficulties

dead donkey 9
Description: small differences

ants on the food 22
Interpretation of the dream: trouble from relatives

refuse food 60
Translation: from health check

food to parents 29
Dream description: developing projects

assimilate food 76
Meaning: clarity of ideas

plentiful food 38
Translation of the dream: intentions ambiguous

smell of food 18
Interpretation: concerns about a family

dead 47
Sense of the dream: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

platter with food 37
What does it mean: unnecessary waiting

food 17
Meaning of the dream: you ll have to struggle with the need

dead commander 81
Description: powerful protectors

dead bull 68
Interpretation of the dream: protection and aid

dead lover 48
Translation: enthusiasm for new knowledge