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Dead eating chocolate. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead eating chocolate. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eating chocolate 19
Meaning of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

whisk chocolate 59
Description: good health

mouthful of chocolate 70
Interpretation of the dream: unmet expectations

poured chocolate 5
Translation: emotional shallowness

liquid chocolate 87
Dream description: Hidden Dangers

chocolate English 26
Meaning: to overcome shyness

Chocolate failure 13
Translation of the dream: goal reached

chocolate 11
Interpretation: good health, goodness of mind

offer chocolate 32
Sense of the dream: jealousy in love

millstones chocolate 82
What does it mean: differences in work

jug with chocolate 2
Meaning of the dream: useful request to be accepted

bread with chocolate 16
Description: physical depression

dark chocolate 1
Interpretation of the dream: hasty judgments

chocolate with bread 44
Translation: need of supports

buy chocolate 20
Dream description: complications momentary

see chocolate 10
Meaning: wealth and well-being

chocolate pieces 42
Translation of the dream: projects in love

donut with chocolate 78
Interpretation: good intentions

nougat chocolate 77
Sense of the dream: serenity of spirit

chocolate with almonds 64
What does it mean: dissatisfaction and boredom

fond of chocolate 52
Meaning of the dream: health and activity

milk chocolate 53
Description: deception, abuse of confidence at the expense of the dreamer

cream puffs with chocolate 58
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant change

chocolate candy 10
Translation: dangerous temptations

chocolate bar 16
Dream description: good health and happiness

chocolate liqueur 65
Meaning: satisfactions and joys passing

chocolate sorbet 16
Translation of the dream: physical discomfort

chocolate cream 6
Interpretation: minor annoyances

Chocolate Cake 40
Sense of the dream: physical discomfort

nougat covered with chocolate 52
What does it mean: ephemeral successes

chocolate pudding 45
Meaning of the dream: life unsafe

mullet dead 90
Description: gossip and rumors

missal dead 22
Interpretation of the dream: considerable losses

dove eating 32
Translation: misunderstandings and gossip

squirrel eating 85
Dream description: appropriate changes

turkey eating 57
Meaning: disputes with relatives

man eating 44
Translation of the dream: physical strength

donkey eating 64
Interpretation: days of depression

rooster eating 27
Sense of the dream: proposals flattering

frog eating 82
What does it mean: Excellent reports

combatant dead 49
Meaning of the dream: hard times

monkey eating 19
Description: presumption and Lies

hen eating 56
Interpretation of the dream: misery

sleeping eating 75
Translation: great future

bum eating 18
Dream description: new relationships

bless the dead 38
Meaning: bad omen for the sick

blaspheme the dead 51
Translation of the dream: donation from a relative

Cappuccino eating 56
Interpretation: friendly meetings

gecko eating 71
Sense of the dream: excellent professional competence

eagle dead 70
What does it mean: loss of prestige

female dead 39
Meaning of the dream: joys of love

mole dead 87
Description: emotional instability

desecration of dead 72
Interpretation of the dream: contrariness

insect eating 7
Translation: thief thin, betrayal of next of kin

Abbot with dead 18
Dream description: mild illness

blind dead 70
Meaning: passing infatuation

Bear eating 10
Translation of the dream: desire for novelty

Abbess eating 77
Interpretation: waste substances

sick eating 33
Sense of the dream: shrewdness