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Dead caterpillars. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead caterpillars. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

caterpillars (insects) 14
Meaning of the dream: dangers and accidents provoked by secret enemies

dead flowers 75
Description: sincere sympathies

dead cockroaches 39
Interpretation of the dream: forebodings fallacious

dead birds 6
Translation: moral suffering

dead rats 38
Dream description: explaining to do

dead pigeons 65
Meaning: bouts of depression

dead wolves 12
Translation of the dream: someone takes fun of you

dead deer 40
Interpretation: unexpected aid

chicks dead 1
Sense of the dream: sorry for treason

dead bitch 23
What does it mean: instability of mood

hugs dead 17
Meaning of the dream: happiness in love

meet dead 90
Description: happy solutions

dead grandparents 70
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous business

run into dead 59
Translation: psychological stress

see dead 57
Dream description: joy

trench with dead 8
Meaning: discontent and annoyance

clinic with dead 56
Translation of the dream: quarrels with relatives

incensing dead 44
Interpretation: health recovered

cross on the dead 54
Sense of the dream: godsend

2 dead 2
What does it mean: nearby enemies

See dead mother 47
Meaning of the dream: increase of consideration

bury the dead 33
Description: important conclusions

do good to the dead 85
Interpretation of the dream: gain

dead raised 18
Translation: future plans

dead speak 48
Dream description: shocking revelations

dead turkey 13
Meaning: issues of interest

dead turtledove 84
Translation of the dream: difficult problems

dead grandmother 33
Interpretation: good omens

dead squirrel 23
Sense of the dream: easy conquest

proletarian dead 80
What does it mean: persecution from which you ll come out well despite little hope

dead ant 31
Meaning of the dream: problems at work

dead bee 75
Description: bad omens

parents dead 42
Interpretation of the dream: delight

dresses dead 73
Translation: sad omen for future days

pity dead 48
Dream description: Late awards

dead whore 76
Meaning: considerable fortune

embalm dead 50
Translation of the dream: indirect benefits

wreathe dead 5
Interpretation: good deal

Alpine dead 22
Sense of the dream: embarrassment in the family

ashes of dead 49
What does it mean: waste of energy

appearance of dead 46
Meaning of the dream: concentration and profits

Day of the Dead 45
Description: activities discontinuous

dead butterfly 51
Interpretation of the dream: Hidden Danger

dead monkey 64
Translation: interests in danger

dead excavated 43
Dream description: letter good

dead king 17
Meaning: to overcome prejudices

dead whale 74
Translation of the dream: disagreements with family

dead son 5
Interpretation: hidden pitfalls

dead sentinel 85
Sense of the dream: ephemeral joys

dead sister 27
What does it mean: Good news and novelties

dead enemy 18
Meaning of the dream: you solved your difficulties

wagon with dead 89
Description: changes conducive

dead match 17
Interpretation of the dream: You will pass through a difficult period

music for the dead 50
Translation: real satisfaction