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Dead aunt thirtieth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead aunt thirtieth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

thirtieth 30
Meaning of the dream: you miss someone or something important

uncle or aunt 20
Description: quarrels in the family

resemble the aunt 67
Interpretation of the dream: considerable internal enrichment

heir aunt 41
Translation: lucky chance

kiss an aunt 21
Dream description: problems in the family

dead bee 75
Meaning: bad omens

dead ant 31
Translation of the dream: problems at work

dead bitch 23
Interpretation: instability of mood

dead sister 27
Sense of the dream: Good news and novelties

dead grandmother 33
What does it mean: good omens

dead cow 84
Meaning of the dream: disputes difficult

See dead mother 47
Description: increase of consideration

dead woman 11
Interpretation of the dream: Crisis in love

dead turtledove 84
Translation: difficult problems

dead daughter 33
Dream description: obscure maneuvers to discover

dead soul 14
Meaning: you need assistance for families

dead mother 47
Translation of the dream: increase of consideration

dead whore 76
Interpretation: considerable fortune

dead girl 33
Sense of the dream: betrayal by employees

dead giraffe 45
What does it mean: new perspectives and big changes

dead in car 27
Meaning of the dream: Be vigilant, the threat of danger

dead in church 53
Description: unexpected help

dead chicken 81
Interpretation of the dream: distress of short duration

dead hand 88
Translation: uncertainties about the future

dead ladybug 34
Dream description: bad omens

dead dove 33
Meaning: projects that go awry

great aunt 54
Translation of the dream: small problems

dead whale 74
Interpretation: disagreements with family

dead woodcock 70
Sense of the dream: unscrupulousness

dead person 2
What does it mean: good omen

dead seagull 50
Meaning of the dream: serious opposition

dead spider 61
Description: victory over an enemy

dead squirrel 23
Interpretation of the dream: easy conquest

dead naked 21
Translation: loss of a friend

dead duck 18
Dream description: There you are freed of something

dead lark 6
Meaning: disagreement in the family

dead calling 11
Translation of the dream: dangerous enmities

Queen dead 85
Interpretation: hard times

dead in the street 40
Sense of the dream: unsuspected stamina

dead butterfly 51
What does it mean: Hidden Danger

viper dead 9
Meaning of the dream: difficulty overcome

heron dead 56
Description: sweeping changes

owl dead 57
Interpretation of the dream: victory over a rival

see a dead person's own family 31
Translation: your life will be long

Dead animals 89
Dream description: precision work

Marquise dead 53
Meaning: false oaths

dead monkey 64
Translation of the dream: interests in danger

dead in bed 14
Interpretation: excellent professional activity

wolf dead 57
Sense of the dream: negative attitudes

tiger dead 11
What does it mean: passion unsatisfied

He died naked 21
Meaning of the dream: fickle opinions

died praying 50
Description: high hopes

He died in the coffin 4
Interpretation of the dream: family sorrows

Carmelite dead 19
Translation: sick passenger