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Daughter gives a frying pan. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream daughter gives a frying pan. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

daughter 10
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

loving daughter 22
Description: bright future

pregnant daughter 60
Interpretation of the dream: decisive help

daughter invested 16
Translation: fears and concerns

dead daughter 33
Dream description: obscure maneuvers to discover

daughter love 23
Meaning: rapidity of decision

disobedient daughter 4
Translation of the dream: ups and downs

good daughter 82
Interpretation: big events

sick daughter 26
Sense of the dream: hard experiences

daughter married 3
What does it mean: measures to be taken

legitimate daughter 12
Meaning of the dream: important secrets

have daughter 77
Description: novelty coming

pan frying 66
Interpretation of the dream: unjustified resentment

marry a daughter 12
Translation: happiness

give birth to a daughter 66
Dream description: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

buy a pan 13
Meaning: foresight

abandon his daughter 35
Translation of the dream: dangerous business

wizard that gives numbers 75
Interpretation: someone is deceiving

nurse who gives medicines 18
Sense of the dream: accommodation business

wash the pan 70
What does it mean: intimate rebellion

tram driver that gives tickets 84
Meaning of the dream: new emotional ties

skillet with sausage 5
Description: successfully delayed

78 - Smorfia classic: pretty girl 78

pan on fire 29
Translation: new friends

iron pan 55
Dream description: dispersion of forces

pan with oil 31
Meaning: neglect dangerous

broccoli in a pan 5
Translation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

pan with fried 90
Interpretation: small waiver

pan with pizza 47
Sense of the dream: important moral conquests

pan with polenta 79
What does it mean: period of reflection in love

daughter in law 38
Meaning of the dream: arrival of relatives

artichokes in the pan 7
Description: support and protection

pan with fish 53
Interpretation of the dream: you have so much positivity

pan on the stove 8
Translation: satisfaction by a young

pan with liver 22
Dream description: liberation from commitments

chop in the pan 58
Meaning: craving sensations

pan with vegetables 87
Translation of the dream: sustainable prosperity

pan with chop 63
Interpretation: hard work

mussels in the pan 54
Sense of the dream: watched by women

pan with butter 5
What does it mean: good health

frying eggs 25
Meaning of the dream: idealism and confidentiality

frying peppers 77
Description: new hope

frying meat 80
Interpretation of the dream: malicious slander

empty pan 20
Translation: unfortunate love

goat giving milk 2
Dream description: deal unproductive

pan with eggs 6
Meaning: love happy

cooking pan 66
Translation of the dream: danger looming, idea will be very careful and cautious

pan with meat 17
Interpretation: efforts in work

omelet pan with 81
Sense of the dream: business combination

frying sausage 73
What does it mean: birth of a child

frying oil 4
Meaning of the dream: intrigue discovered