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Daughter detached. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream daughter detached. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

considered separately or detached 60
Meaning of the dream: you still will not reach your goal

daughter 10
Description: economic concerns

have daughter 77
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

marry a daughter 12
Translation: happiness

loving daughter 22
Dream description: bright future

disobedient daughter 4
Meaning: ups and downs

sick daughter 26
Translation of the dream: hard experiences

dead daughter 33
Interpretation: obscure maneuvers to discover

daughter love 23
Sense of the dream: rapidity of decision

daughter married 3
What does it mean: measures to be taken

pregnant daughter 60
Meaning of the dream: decisive help

abandon his daughter 35
Description: dangerous business

Grand daughter 20
Interpretation of the dream: missteps

good daughter 82

legitimate daughter 12

daughter in law 38

give birth to a daughter 66
Translation of the dream: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

detachment 58
Interpretation: alarming news

detachment from a person 74
Sense of the dream: alarming news

detachment from the country 71
What does it mean: many contrasts

detachment of sharpshooters 64

detachment of cavalry 86

detachment of infantry 51

detachment of volunteers 75

detachment marching 42

great granddaughter 35
Meaning: there are conflicts in the family to be solved