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Dance skirt gorgeous. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dance skirt gorgeous. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

gorgeous dress 80
Meaning of the dream: bullying suffered

gorgeous ornament 31
Description: fate uncertain

skirt 10
Interpretation of the dream: laziness, adversity

try the skirt 76
Translation: overreact

white skirt 86
Dream description: joy and abandon

colorful skirt 15
Meaning: want made

stained skirt 16
Translation of the dream: chatter and gossip

silk skirt 12
Interpretation: good position

cotton skirt 17
Sense of the dream: amorous conquest

velvet skirt 74
What does it mean: extravagant spending

short skirt 69
Meaning of the dream: bad business

long skirt 32
Description: danger of deception

skirt out of fashion 6
Interpretation of the dream: you regret the past

wear skirt 52
Translation: proposals to carefully consider

have white skirt 66
Dream description: taste

fold the skirt 84
Meaning: missed opportunity

colored skirt 19
Translation of the dream: argument with a woman

skirt long 32
Interpretation: discontent and momentary troubles

wear a skirt 9
Sense of the dream: Fortunately rising

shorten a skirt 42

wool skirt 27

clean skirt 56

green skirt 67

tight skirt 66

The skirt will mutate 39

to dance 14
Meaning: Your commitment will come rewarded

dance alone 24
Translation of the dream: hopes impossible

be in a dance 55
Interpretation: inheritance

I dance 28
Sense of the dream: you can make pleasant meetings

dance 37
What does it mean: Your commitment will come rewarded

dance agitated 17
Meaning of the dream: secret pain

Dance Student 30
Description: vanity

lover of dance 15
Interpretation of the dream: loyalty to his principles

dance with a man 81
Translation: development of good business

dance with a woman 10
Dream description: triumph passenger

dance costume 71
Meaning: bad success of an idea

dance on the rope 11
Translation of the dream: deal unproductive

dance naked 40
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

Dance only boys 13
Sense of the dream: prosperity

be in a party and dance 53
What does it mean: joy and earnings

dance body 27
Meaning of the dream: good health

lady to dance 63
Description: excessive ambitions

dance with women 33
Interpretation of the dream: passing pleasures

dance with men 47
Translation: deal that goes through

dance party 14
Dream description: originality and impatience

learn to dance 71
Meaning: beginning of a new cycle

teach dance 77
Translation of the dream: to avoid risky actions

organize a dance 63
Interpretation: need to choose between two loves

attend a dance 37
Sense of the dream: introversion

mazurka (dance) 77
What does it mean: happy

dance hall 22
Meaning of the dream: emotional problems

dance school 32
Description: sentimental surprises

dance waltz 77
Interpretation of the dream: contacts to resume

dance the tango 39
Translation: passion

classic dance 42
Dream description: harmony

modern dance 57
Meaning: do you want to prove your worth

amateur dance 15

applauded for dance 61

Leather dance 22

dance tango 54

a slow dance 52

birthday dance 5

day dance 6

Dance Night 43

wedding dance 48

diplomatic dance 64

private dance 62

theatrical dance 81

celebrities in the dance 88

amateur in dance 3

inclination to dance 43

intervene in a dance 23

invite to dance 37

dance license 59

Local dance 62

Dance teacher 50

extend a dance 87

dance audition 29

dance championship 56

Brazilian dance 6

folk dance 37

dance with the animals 61

dance with the dead 35

dance club 36

practice the dance 31

dance floor 67

perfect their dance 88

dance test 76

dance in a public place 12
Sense of the dream: next happiness

sun dance girls 47
What does it mean: waste of money