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Cut white gloves. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cut white gloves. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

white gloves 68
Meaning of the dream: important protections

dirty gloves 14
Description: gossip to avoid

gloves 2
Interpretation of the dream: fatigue, boredom for a situation that has dragged on for too long without meeting

colorful gloves 16
Translation: joy and relaxation

yellow gloves 35
Dream description: waste of energy

gloves washed 53
Meaning: envy the wealth of someone

lost gloves 52
Translation of the dream: meeting interesting

gloves collected 4
Interpretation: success of opponents

bring gloves 72
Sense of the dream: welfare and prosperity

broken gloves 39
What does it mean: discovery of a secret

military gloves 38
Meaning of the dream: good intentions unrealizable

collect gloves 89
Description: physical exhaustion

gloves burned 75
Interpretation of the dream: attention at high speed

gloves men 1
Translation: you still have a long way to go before we fully develop your career and goals

gloves blacks 15
Dream description: Unexpected failure

extricate gloves 17
Meaning: fortune

pack up gloves 6
Translation of the dream: trust in others

sell gloves 14
Interpretation: Apathy

lose gloves 84
Sense of the dream: loss of a friend

find gloves 31
What does it mean: novelties and gifts

buy gloves 2
Meaning of the dream: contacts to resume

gloves ball 45
Description: hope disappointed

cotton gloves 59
Interpretation of the dream: period of no confidence

rubber gloves 4
Translation: decisive choice

Women's Gloves 77
Dream description: skills in business

hands with gloves 54
Meaning: pleasant meeting

silk gloves 44
Translation of the dream: good deal

Fencing gloves 6
Interpretation: surprise from a friend

punctured gloves 88
Sense of the dream: important decisions to make

woolen gloves 3
What does it mean: business that are fixed

twist gloves 12
Meaning of the dream: difficulties in work

gloves for boys 6
Description: unexpected proposals

wear gloves 13
Interpretation of the dream: loss of a friend

ski gloves 75
Translation: solution of problems

cut roots 24
Dream description: dangerous hazards

pair gloves 23
Meaning: new settings in the work

remove the gloves 68
Translation of the dream: Useful social relations

cut curls 40
Interpretation: low activity

cut cold cuts 69
Sense of the dream: judgments risky

cut sweet 5
What does it mean: you regret the past

white tulips 44
Meaning of the dream: small difficulty

unbutton his gloves 77
Description: emotional sensitivity

leather gloves 40
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy and discontent

buttoning his gloves 83
Translation: good health

white chrysanthemums 53
Dream description: proof of love

boxing gloves 13
Meaning: contacts to resume

white flowers 30
Translation of the dream: overcome difficulties

cut bread 39
Interpretation: new ideals

cut the pippin 24
Sense of the dream: confidences to avoid

cut the ricotta cheese 24
What does it mean: proposals to sift

cut a scrap 61
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty and distrust

Cut and peel apples 35
Description: you will be haunted by a woman