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Cut black wire. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cut black wire. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

black wire 55
Meaning of the dream: aggressive intentions

wire 22
Description: fight with relatives

undershirt wire 3
Interpretation of the dream: jealousies harmful

white wire 77
Translation: gossip and slander

telegraph wire 14
Dream description: nice trip to two

telephone wire 29
Meaning: need for prudence in action

electrical wire 1
Translation of the dream: confusion between dream and reality

wrap a wire 47
Interpretation: doubts tormenting

copper wire 3
Sense of the dream: uncertain situation

sever a wire 19
What does it mean: sadness of love

resistant wire 71
Meaning of the dream: Disorder in the work

wire mesh 4
Description: good health

touch a wire 59
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy and contrasts

twist wire 62
Translation: happy ending

coil of wire 18

weak wire 37

metal wire 85

Licorice wire 78

wire warp 42

puppet with wire 45

remain caught in a wire 71
Meaning of the dream: be difficult

barrier of barbed wire 55
Description: inner restlessness

needleful of silver wire 3

needleful of gold wire 14

cut off 47
Dream description: you lost a chance

cut with the saw 72
Meaning: economic difficulties

to cut 46
Translation of the dream: disappointed or weakened

cut up 27
Interpretation: you lost a chance

cut tree 32
Sense of the dream: persecution as a friend

cut a tree 83
What does it mean: dispersion of forces

laurel cut 49
Meaning of the dream: benevolence won

cut the forest 7
Description: confusion

cut a callus 10
Interpretation of the dream: difficult situations

to cut meat 53
Translation: initiatives guess

Cut the cucumber 10
Dream description: nervous tension

cut the donut 36
Meaning: embarrassment in a choice

cut watermelon 90
Translation of the dream: waivers secret

tail cut 83
Interpretation: hard problems

knife that does not cut 81
Sense of the dream: weak character

cut yourself with a knife 10
What does it mean: self-doubt

cut the rope 11
Meaning of the dream: Reports inconstant

fingers cut 76
Description: loss of friends or servants

cut your fingers 61
Interpretation of the dream: damage

scissors do not cut 46
Translation: indifference sentimental

leg cut 9
Dream description: inevitable damage

cut throat 18
Meaning: danger in sight

cut an oleander 83
Translation of the dream: dangerous dispersion of forces

Cut olives 13
Interpretation: resentments and jealousies

cut the hair 30
Sense of the dream: danger of exploitation

lawn cut 70
What does it mean: sad isolation