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Custodian arrested. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream custodian arrested. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

custodian arrested 35
Meaning of the dream: imminent harm

thief arrested 90
Description: intuition ready

assailant arrested 55
Interpretation of the dream: fleeting pleasures

offender arrested 78
Translation: sorrows

counterfeiter arrested 44
Dream description: contempt of danger

cheat arrested 26
Meaning: unjustified fears and anxiety

committed arrested 28
Translation of the dream: Luckily the game

mocking arrested 54
Interpretation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

policeman arrested 24
Sense of the dream: great deal at home

deserter arrested 64
What does it mean: safe journey

English arrested 53
Meaning of the dream: interesting news

abuser arrested 64
Description: prosperity uncertain

appropriator arrested 29
Interpretation of the dream: fight with parents

consumer arrested 58
Translation: help Wanted

dipper arrested 89
Dream description: misery

arrested factor 86
Meaning: wisdom actions

archivist arrested 53
Translation of the dream: commitment conscientious work

insurer arrested 56
Interpretation: disorderly actions

drifter arrested 7
Sense of the dream: illusions that fade

accomplice arrested 47
What does it mean: excellent prospects for life

bigamist arrested 52
Meaning of the dream: Good news

naked arrested 51
Description: gossip and slander

brother arrested 60
Interpretation of the dream: stop in business

lurking arrested 62
Translation: unclear situation

enemy arrested 53
Dream description: sorrows by children

depraved arrested 4
Meaning: new ties

murderess arrested 33
Translation of the dream: quarrels and gossip

arrested innocent 70
Interpretation: aggression harmful

whistleblower arrested 8
Sense of the dream: mood changes

kleptomaniac arrested 53
What does it mean: deserved awards

dodger arrested 39
Meaning of the dream: pleasant events

cadet arrested 8
Description: misfortune

father arrested 9
Interpretation of the dream: marriage thwarted

pickpocket arrested 26
Translation: desire to escape

conspirator arrested 75
Dream description: resistance to work

monetary arrested 75
Meaning: reckless appreciations

arrested for offense 78
Translation of the dream: bitter internal conflict

arrested for theft 89
Interpretation: resentments dangerous

arrested for sentencing 31
Sense of the dream: advice to accept

parricide arrested 85
What does it mean: sorrows and mishaps

Colonel arrested 82
Meaning of the dream: Long and difficult negotiations

mafia arrested 62
Description: dangerous friendships

driver arrested 53
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

arrested for lawsuit 13
Translation: unjustified animosity

commander arrested 43
Dream description: great sensitivity

coiner arrested 3
Meaning: hassles and annoyances

arrested for violence 43
Translation of the dream: death of a woman giving birth or bad

activist arrested 24
Interpretation: pleasant meeting

youth arrested 51
Sense of the dream: false friendships

custodian 80
What does it mean: talkativeness and too little confidence

lawyer arrested 83
Meaning of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

usurer arrested 62
Description: vanity satisfied

friend arrested 27
Interpretation of the dream: persecution of enemies

arrested 7
Translation: feelings of guilt

owner arrested 15
Dream description: good luck

Democrat arrested 31
Meaning: contrasting moods