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Current interruption before the wedding. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream current interruption before the wedding. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Current year 12
Meaning of the dream: privileges conquered

electric current 29
Description: dynamism

current currency 89
Interpretation of the dream: interesting discussion

Current opinion 52
Translation: limited possibilities

electrocuted by current 22
Dream description: indiscretion of friends

Atmospheric current 63
Meaning: change of environment

current river 82
Translation of the dream: modest gains

current school 18
Interpretation: senseless actions

go to the wedding 28
Sense of the dream: waste of money

accelerate the wedding 33
What does it mean: concerns ending

Wedding decoration 77
Meaning of the dream: venal love

joy for a wedding 21
Description: false mirages in business

wedding ring 70
Interpretation of the dream: hatred declared

wedding anniversary 86
Translation: windfall

cancel a wedding 59
Dream description: intrigue friends

wedding announcement 32
Meaning: greed for money

wedding feast 13
Translation of the dream: skirmishes of love

toast for a wedding 16
Interpretation: personality influenced

sit at wedding 53
Sense of the dream: heritage in view

plow next wedding 3
What does it mean: formal notice of this dream that always bearer of ailments

accompany a wedding 53
Meaning of the dream: next inheritance

appears wedding 67
Description: chat with neighbors

Wedding dragees 54
Interpretation of the dream: controlled pulses

congratulations for a wedding 77
Translation: desire for revenge

wedding procession 44
Dream description: hard fight

wedding day 63
Meaning: unexpected dangers

elegant wedding 55
Translation of the dream: irresolute character

wedding night 27
Interpretation: repressed desires

wedding ceremony 81
Sense of the dream: regret late

wedding veil 7
What does it mean: resourcefulness exaggerated

wedding lunch 37
Meaning of the dream: emotional intensity

ornament wedding 60
Description: Action countered

prepare for the wedding 32
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty of short duration

rejoice for a wedding 18
Translation: enmity to win

wedding present 44
Dream description: pleasures and satisfactions

advise against a wedding 31
Meaning: romantic love

witness at the wedding 14
Translation of the dream: difficult relationships

wedding cake 3
Interpretation: happy moments

eve of the wedding 2
Sense of the dream: gay life

wedding attire 80
What does it mean: You will incur bad actions

wedding album 45
Meaning of the dream: Gift incoming

wedding dance 48
Description: hopes dashed

wedding favors 80
Interpretation of the dream: major change

wedding candy 66
Translation: shameful servitude

spoiling a wedding 86
Dream description: uncertain business

Wedding invite 17
Meaning: to avoid rumors

best wishes for the wedding 9
Translation of the dream: extraordinary expenses

shotgun wedding 80
Interpretation: something is wrong in the marriage relationship

silver wedding 54
Sense of the dream: sure way

Diamond wedding 57
What does it mean: threads controversy