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Currency shield. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream currency shield. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shield 19
Meaning of the dream: enmity won

silver shield 21
Description: understanding and altruism

iron shield 36
Interpretation of the dream: agreement in family

leather shield 61
Translation: next novelty

Roman shield 66
Dream description: jealousy and misunderstandings

round shield 40
Meaning: Rise countered

rectangular shield 69
Translation of the dream: risky business

noble shield 31
Interpretation: sincere affection

shield of war 51
Sense of the dream: dissatisfaction and boredom

wield a shield 81
What does it mean: emotional states

currency 26
Meaning of the dream: concerns

change currency 21
Description: novelty surprising

currency smuggling 30
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

lira (currency) 11
Translation: Short trips

current currency 89
Dream description: interesting discussion

to market currency 57
Meaning: dexterity and danger

gold currency 89
Translation of the dream: wrong thoughts and opinions

Currency Italian 19
Interpretation: discord with friends

foreign currency 24
Sense of the dream: you regret the past

inherit Currency 4
What does it mean: economic hardship

currency English 88
Meaning of the dream: ease of communication

Current year 12
Description: privileges conquered

electric current 29
Interpretation of the dream: dynamism

flowering place for party or recurrence 88
Translation: incoming letter very useful for you

Current opinion 52
Dream description: limited possibilities

clean the windshield 38
Meaning: encounters with a woman

recollect a recurrence 44
Translation of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

defrost the windshield 34
Interpretation: sincerity of purpose

electrocuted by current 22
Sense of the dream: indiscretion of friends

countercurrent 68
What does it mean: a disease will force you to bed for a long period

Atmospheric current 63
Meaning of the dream: change of environment

current river 82
Description: modest gains

current school 18
Interpretation of the dream: senseless actions