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Curettage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream curettage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

curettage 7
Meaning of the dream: slander foiled

scraping a wall 6
Description: return of a loved one

Gladden 7
Interpretation of the dream: support from friends

telegraphic communication 73
Translation: enthusiasm brief

cablegram 18
Dream description: speed of conception

send a cablegram 33
Meaning: novelty underway

telegraph messenger 26
Translation of the dream: sudden change

telegraph wire 14
Interpretation: nice trip to two

telegraphic news 18
Sense of the dream: setbacks and obstacles

marconigram 38
What does it mean: trip worthwhile

rejoice for a cure 12
Meaning of the dream: character rather irritable

deliver a telegram 24
Description: expenses to control

receipt of a telegram 33
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected meeting

send a telegram 31
Translation: swashbuckling adventures

rate telegraph 46
Dream description: repressed feelings

telegram 2
Meaning: expenses to control

transmit a telegram 23
Translation of the dream: realism positive

telegraphic money order 70
Interpretation: serious concern

Telegraph 47
Sense of the dream: important news

unseal a telegram 54
What does it mean: lost confidence

bellhop Telegram 24
Meaning of the dream: heavy duty

radiotelegraph operator 69
Description: pleasant novelty

telegraph radio 4
Interpretation of the dream: opposition passing

telegraphist 54
Translation: useful meetings

passionflower, therapeutic plant 44
Dream description: go to very useful and peaceful period

Surgery 61
Meaning: personal affirmation

surgical relationship 78
Translation of the dream: serenity of spirit

clinical surgery 65
Interpretation: strange adventure

Hospital 36
Sense of the dream: poor health and concerns about a recovery that is slow to come, too little money and lack of recovery of loans

alcoholic hospital 12
What does it mean: harmful thoughts

old hospital 13
Meaning of the dream: slow progress

Hospital crazy 28
Description: joy disturbed

hospital ward 73
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous passion

see a hospital 70
Translation: anxieties secret

military hospital 12
Dream description: troubling news

public hospital 81
Meaning: depression and melancholy

care in hospitals 60
Translation of the dream: unfair competition

mental hospital 49
Interpretation: family relationships stormy

sick at the hospital 45
Sense of the dream: sudden trip

surgeon at the hospital 68
What does it mean: obligations and hassle

straight Hospital 78
Meaning of the dream: good health

leave the hospital 18
Description: slow progress

Emperor in hospital 5
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

burned in hospital 16
Translation: winnings and windfalls

turn to hospital 58
Dream description: social prestige

Archbishop in hospital 77
Meaning: excessive spirit of contradiction

go to the hospital 13
Translation of the dream: contrariness

visit a hospital 12
Interpretation: nervousness to control

Hospital meal 12
Sense of the dream: Understanding affective

be in hospital 9
What does it mean: health recovery

transported to the hospital 62
Meaning of the dream: possibility to exploit

consumer in hospital 73
Description: spirit cautious

comrade to hospital 50
Interpretation of the dream: consolation to relatives