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Cups routes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cups routes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

underpants routes 25
Meaning of the dream: physical

scissors routes 37
Description: moments of depression

socks routes 69
Interpretation of the dream: indifference in love

cups 75
Translation: right time to take on new commitments

wash up cups 2
Dream description: demonstrations of trust

slippers routes 45
Meaning: good deals

varices routes 50
Translation of the dream: momentary concerns

earwig routes 39
Interpretation: seriousness and reflection

canape routes 74
Sense of the dream: Overcoming opposition

Ace of Cups 62
What does it mean: union inconstant

cups of china 39
Meaning of the dream: strong friendships

tray with cups 16
Description: momentum in activity

broken blinds 2
Interpretation of the dream: problems in the family

broken bones 67
Translation: business disruption

broken pots 36
Dream description: loss of friends or girlfriends

broken things 12
Meaning: embarrassments

broken boxes 51
Translation of the dream: risk of loss

egg cups 39
Interpretation: bring someone good news

disposable glasses 36
Sense of the dream: fantastic surprises

washing glasses 25
What does it mean: forebodings fallacious

tar roads 56
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding with a higher

glasses of beer 29
Description: busy life

clean up glasses 80
Interpretation of the dream: cost-effective solution

rinse glasses 23
Translation: great benefits

broken furniture 28
Dream description: need for caution

Highway maintenance 54
Meaning: small defeat

tarring roads 81
Translation of the dream: proof of love

flooding of roads 85
Interpretation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

leveling roads 14
Sense of the dream: independence and originality

broken oars 3
What does it mean: danger to get around

fucker roads 4
Meaning of the dream: freedom from responsibility

broken clothes 46
Description: appearance

broken shoes 11
Interpretation of the dream: lack of initiative

broken hips 30
Translation: sadness, illness and loss

broken spectacles 6
Dream description: serious concerns

broken arms 74
Meaning: misery

addition agent roads 35
Translation of the dream: into gear and proceed with your projects

walking in muddy roads 59
Interpretation: harassment

wandering in strange roads 28
Sense of the dream: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

see thighs or broken hips 78
What does it mean: death abroad

have broken ribs or bruised 18
Meaning of the dream: quarrels between spouses, followed by great repentance, or simply, with relatives of either sex, and in relation to the sex of the dreamer

king of hearts 25
Description: lust for life

scale route 65
Interpretation of the dream: I remember the sins of youth

broken egg 45
Translation: possible misfortunes

hurl glasses 2
Dream description: realizable remarkable

scissors broken 17
Meaning: solution of a deal

clean glasses 70
Translation of the dream: discovery of intrigue

broken foot 70
Interpretation: loss of one of your

Crystal glasses 28
Sense of the dream: regret useless

broken handcuffs 16
What does it mean: personal evolution