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Cultural heritage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cultural heritage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cultural heritage 21
Meaning of the dream: Excellent reports

lost heritage 1
Description: good realization

Heritage thwarted 52
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid unnecessary expenses

consume heritage 70
Translation: misspent money

share heritage 15
Dream description: possible realizations

heritage 85
Meaning: funeral in the family

heritage shared with other 33
Translation of the dream: exaggerated emotionality

family heritage 10
Interpretation: concerns

legacy of linen 5
Sense of the dream: Sad News

legacy of furniture 25
What does it mean: inventive spirit

legacy of houses 43
Meaning of the dream: proposal to be rejected

squander an inheritance 52
Description: irascibility contained

claim an inheritance 15
Interpretation of the dream: large-scale projects

reject an ance 37
Translation: missed opportunities

enriched by ance 70
Dream description: heavy responsibilities and obligations

portion of inheritance 51
Meaning: projects to keep secrets

himself master with ance 75
Translation of the dream: consistency in the principles

patrimony 41
Interpretation: funeral in the family

due to inheritance 11
Sense of the dream: uncertainty and depression

contesting a legacy 15
What does it mean: inconvenience of short duration

succession or ance 55
Meaning of the dream: death of a relative

reclaim a legacy 50
Description: great concern

rejoice for a legacy 2
Interpretation of the dream: ambitious desires

enrich for legacy 51
Translation: pleasant surprise

Real accredited 66
Dream description: waste of money

government property 88
Meaning: need for aid

legacy assets 14
Translation of the dream: exaggerated ambition

accept a legacy 53
Interpretation: sorrows

folklore 33
Sense of the dream: useful meetings

goods 85
What does it mean: contest

windfall 47
Meaning of the dream: unexpected riches

inheritance tax 60
Description: possibility of surprises

donate goods 45
Interpretation of the dream: outlook feasible

to have assets 77
Translation: you feel happy

inherit goods 63
Dream description: agitation justified

aging property 17
Meaning: disadvantageous contracts

lose assets 2
Translation of the dream: adaptation to circumstances

mortgage assets 17
Interpretation: disadvantageous contracts

rent property 6
Sense of the dream: love for beauty

inherit a fortune 42
What does it mean: sorrows and anxieties

Church property 45
Meaning of the dream: Economic instability

community of property 16
Description: good omen for love

heir sister 40
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainties about the future

assets of government 88
Translation: do you want to prove your worth

division of property 15
Dream description: minor glitches

property administrator 4
Meaning: need for new responsibilities

heir to a friend 33
Translation of the dream: health in danger

mantle by Brother 73
Interpretation: realizations difficult

royal mantle 42
Sense of the dream: tenuous link

enveloped in the mantle 77
What does it mean: your selfishness will damage

heir of his brother 72
Meaning of the dream: need to carve out an intimate space

mantle of cloth 27
Description: fear of tomorrow

Silk mantle 4
Interpretation of the dream: need to modernize your thinking

heir of his father 65
Translation: dangerous illusions

inherit from a friend 23
Dream description: lack of self-confidence