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Cry for the competition. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cry for the competition. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

competition 13
Meaning of the dream: harmony in everything

competition exam 90
Description: lively insight

sports competition 65
Interpretation of the dream: unrequited love

swim in competition with others 64
Translation: difficult relationships

prepare for a competition 29
Dream description: negotiations rather long

hold a competition 85
Meaning: condescension harmful

competition notice 57
Translation of the dream: new interests

passage of sporting competition 70
Interpretation: Excessive fantasy

to cry 3
Sense of the dream: serenity for unexpected news about a person long absent

sharp cry 90
What does it mean: unpleasant surprises

woman cry 47
Meaning of the dream: need for caution

cry of man 36
Description: situation cheated

cry of a child 8
Interpretation of the dream: good wishes

cry of pain 72
Translation: successful completion of tests

I cry in the night 43
Dream description: great sadness

cry for joy 74
Meaning: emotional anxiety

cry of rage 71
Translation of the dream: gossip of neighbors

cry for a loss 8
Interpretation: great resignation

boys who cry 3
Sense of the dream: shock and disappointment


cry wolf 71
What does it mean: issues and concerns

cry of Tarzan 90
Meaning of the dream: unmet expectations

begin to cry 78
Description: good news in love

animal cry 6
Interpretation of the dream: conflicts with the environment

abbot crying 54
Translation: New appointments

lover crying 57
Dream description: animosity justified

sick crying 86
Meaning: growth of assets

cruet crystal 15
Translation of the dream: good health

eagle crying 20
Interpretation: be wary of all

crying baby 40
Sense of the dream: happiness reached

crystal glass 44
What does it mean: dislikes unjustified

crystal bottle 65
Meaning of the dream: changing health

crystal inkwell 20
Description: excessive shyness

crystal goblet 65
Interpretation of the dream: tranquility in business

Crystal bell 11
Translation: nice atmosphere

character encrypted 35
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

jailer crying 15
Meaning: uncontrolled passion

crystal bowl 46
Translation of the dream: satisfactions of love

crystal 11
Interpretation: good health

buy crystal 52
Sense of the dream: forebodings

lead crystal 6
What does it mean: opposition from children

broken crystal 8
Meaning of the dream: squabbles interest

crystal clean 68
Description: be hazy

Crystal dirt 4
Interpretation of the dream: offended by not collecting

Crystal glasses 28
Translation: regret useless

crystals window 56
Dream description: dangerous lack of balance

damn crying 60
Meaning: long wait patient

decrypt a message 56
Translation of the dream: right orientation

woman crying 56
Interpretation: goal achieved

girl crying 3
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

curb crying 71
What does it mean: opportunity for revenge