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Crush a pillow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream crush a pillow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crush a pillow 18
Meaning of the dream: weakness of character

crush a hat 62
Description: surprises family

crush an insect 30
Interpretation of the dream: social success

crush a spider 62
Translation: serenity of spirit

crush grapes 22

pillow with pins 2
Meaning: despotic character

crush the flea 74
Translation of the dream: excellent results

pillow on the bed 2
Interpretation: false security

crush dry bread 42
Sense of the dream: prudence in action

pillow Foot 30

pillow 11
Meaning of the dream: labor, persecution

feather pillow 16
Description: impulsive decisions

pillow for chair 26

crush with hands 54
Translation: Excessive passion

crush with the feet 8
Dream description: reasons of dissent

Travel pillow 56

pillow from carriage 50

pillow stuffing 31

crush pomegranate 73
Sense of the dream: Errors in love

pinch salt 46
What does it mean: confidentiality and diplomacy

crush 20
Meaning of the dream: breaking something that prevents you from continuing on our way

crush cockroach 15
Description: do not let yourself break down

crush nuts 58
Interpretation of the dream: luck changing

crush pepper 11
Translation: decisive action

crush almonds 15
Dream description: good health

straw cushion 26

wool cushion 7
Translation of the dream: weakness of character

smash sores 54
Interpretation: will to live

flea crush 71

cushion 27
What does it mean: weakness of character

smash 30
Meaning of the dream: breaking something that prevents you from continuing on our way

embroider pillowcases 53

dirty pillowcase 50

quilt pillows 3
Translation: projects, hazy

pillowcase route 63

smash your head 27
Meaning: exuberant mentality

pillows per bed 22

cushion a fall 67

overwrite 7
Sense of the dream: you will be deceived

embroidered cushions 76
What does it mean: professional life hostile

Children smash 46
Meaning of the dream: developed domain of s

rubber pad 84
Description: discord with women

suppress a rebellion 2
Interpretation of the dream: sudden trip

bubble crushed 69

do feather pillows 81
Dream description: irreconcilable conflict

bug squashed 90

trampling of horses 31

trampling of men 39
Interpretation: unexpected benefit

trampling of women 18
Sense of the dream: past pleasures

smash arm 37
What does it mean: momentary elation

trampling of animals 4
Meaning of the dream: affliction secret

smash a leg 4
Description: prudence and concentration

trampling of soldiers 37
Interpretation of the dream: next fight

trampling of military 12

smash hand 33
Dream description: imbalance of will

being run over by a horse 45
Meaning: momentary uneasiness

sinking in quicksand 24
Translation of the dream: successful combination

amassing sand 79
Interpretation: self-love

amputate one ear 45
Sense of the dream: contrariness

go across 15
What does it mean: being unstable

cross a road 56
Meaning of the dream: being unstable

cross a square 29
Description: difficulties in work

cross a bridge 2
Interpretation of the dream: ambiguous attitude of employees

cross a city 55
Translation: recommendation request

cross the sea 80
Dream description: small gains