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Crown with cross. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream crown with cross. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crown 28
Meaning of the dream: success and honors

crown himself 54

golden crown 12
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy and disappointment

silver crown 53
Translation: enemies unmasked

Iron Crown 64
Dream description: happy anniversaries

enameled crown 85
Meaning: strange encounter

papal crown 90
Translation of the dream: clarity of judgment

flower crown 16
Interpretation: poor health

crown of thorns 70
Sense of the dream: missteps

Laurel crown 1
What does it mean: positions of trust

myrtle crown 19
Meaning of the dream: indiscretions harmful

royal crown 42
Description: activity on the rise

wear the crown 13
Interpretation of the dream: closed nature

crown efforts 85
Translation: fears baseless

crown sacrifices 22
Dream description: conflicting opinions

crown wishes 44
Meaning: mistrust and pessimism

Olympic crown 67
Translation of the dream: uncontrolled reactions

Crown Prince 7
Interpretation: unexpected complications

king with the crown 21
Sense of the dream: good business

from crown medal 15

crown of roses 26

ducal crown 90

crown for deceased 12

white crown 26

heavenly crown 35

crown wool 26

silk crown 21

velvet crown 87

crown Children 64

crown of oak leaves 7
What does it mean: honors

cross 2
Meaning of the dream: being unstable

Way of the cross 30

cross a road 56
Interpretation of the dream: being unstable

cross a square 29
Translation: difficulties in work

cross a bridge 2
Dream description: ambiguous attitude of employees

cross a city 55
Meaning: recommendation request

cross the sea 80
Translation of the dream: small gains

cross a river 18
Interpretation: intimate satisfactions

cross a lake 80
Sense of the dream: affirmations work

cross the border 15
What does it mean: emotional nature

Christ on the cross 35
Meaning of the dream: disputes and quarrels

golden cross 12
Description: reconciliation and new projects

silver cross 25
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous illusions

wooden cross 31
Translation: events surprise

metal cross 6
Dream description: discovery of intrigue

cross with diamonds 67
Meaning: good novelty in the work

Cross mortuary 30
Translation of the dream: reassuring news

cross of love 42
Interpretation: good social skills

prostrate before the cross 63
Sense of the dream: errors to be repaired

carry the cross 77
What does it mean: emotional complications

see carry the cross 31
Meaning of the dream: nervousness to control

find the cross 47
Description: harmful gossip

decorate a cross 66
Interpretation of the dream: Health Concerns

knives on the cross 27
Translation: ominous, murderess