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Crowds of beggars. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream crowds of beggars. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crowds of beggars 54
Meaning of the dream: vile actions

see crowds 64
Description: contrasts in love

crowds of soldiers 25
Interpretation of the dream: concerns passing

crowds of firemen 76
Translation: concerns family

crowds of schoolchildren 85
Dream description: happiness upset

crowds of strangers 81
Meaning: slander foiled

be a beggar 58
Translation of the dream: changes

meet a beggar 66
Interpretation: revenge

give alms to a beggar 80
Sense of the dream: Good speculation

blind beggar 21
What does it mean: fake friends

crippled beggar 24
Meaning of the dream: inheritance

beggar thief 56
Description: discover pleasant

beggar drunk 61
Interpretation of the dream: danger of slander

crowding 30
Translation: displeasure by children

a crowd of people 90
Dream description: displeasure by children

crowding of men 33
Meaning: fulfillment of desires

crowding of women 13
Translation of the dream: betrayal of friends

crowding of workers 40
Interpretation: imminent danger

overcrowding of children 28
Sense of the dream: restlessness unjustified

crowd of monks 27
What does it mean: grave slander

crowding of nuns 30
Meaning of the dream: displeasure by a relative

crowding of sports 49
Description: waste of money

crowded bus 4
Interpretation of the dream: meetings annoying

crowded bar 21
Translation: missed opportunity

be stopped by a beggar 22
Dream description: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

crowded place of people 4
Meaning: many business views

crowded cinema 79
Translation of the dream: important proposals

crowd in procession 36
Interpretation: annoying intrusions

crowd in church 41
Sense of the dream: hopes realized

crowd at the theater 54
What does it mean: small injury

cheering crowd 45
Meaning of the dream: bargains

crowd doing a demonstration 70
Description: need for prudence in speech

crowd screaming 21
Interpretation of the dream: Waiting in vain

crowded market 54
Translation: visits to relatives

waving crowd 73
Dream description: affable character

press of the crowd 7
Meaning: messy feelings

poor beggar 51
Translation of the dream: new activity

beggar 17
Interpretation: Fortunately, humanity, happiness

mendicant beggar 48
Sense of the dream: gripe family

a beggar shrunken 31
What does it mean: consolidation of links

crowded restaurant 87
Meaning of the dream: difficulty in communicating

crowd noise 27
Description: complications surmountable

unleash the crowd 11
Interpretation of the dream: reduced activity

crowded compartment 12
Translation: breaking agreements

feed a beggar 71
Dream description: serious relationships

crowded street 15
Meaning: concerns

crowd 61
Translation of the dream: reckless actions

diner's crowded 87
Interpretation: difficult relationships

disguise himself as a beggar 62
Sense of the dream: brisk business

crowded train 60
What does it mean: future plans

through the crowd 57
Meaning of the dream: limited benefits

old beggar 88
Description: excellent prospects

cheerful beggar 35

beggar died 55

beggar weeping 15

party crowd 41

crowding out of curiosity 37

murmur of the crowd 44

pity on a beggar 7

crowd of creditors 68

crowd of religious 59

crowded parking 81
Description: life and enthusiasm