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crowding of nuns

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: crowding of nuns

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30 crowding of nuns
displeasure by a relative

30 crowding
displeasure by children

33 crowding of men
fulfillment of desires

13 crowding of women
betrayal of friends

40 crowding of workers
imminent danger

49 crowding of sports
waste of money

20 see nuns
You will be known as pious people

19 to house nuns

19 stay nuns

25 orphanage with nuns
sentimental fulfillment

8 Church with nuns
talk to neighbors

55 cloister nuns
concerns writings

53 cloistered nuns
minor setbacks

56 convent of nuns
understanding from friends

62 choir of nuns
contrasts in love

69 meet with nuns
infidelity of the beloved

11 multitude of nuns
envy and unfairness

67 refectory with nuns
impressionability exaggerated

3 hear singing nuns

28 overcrowding of children
restlessness unjustified