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Crowd in mail. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream crowd in mail. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crowd screaming 21
Meaning of the dream: Waiting in vain

crowd in church 41
Description: hopes realized

still in mail 80
Interpretation of the dream: money thwarted

crowd in procession 36
Translation: annoying intrusions

crowd of religious 59
Dream description: sadness of love

crowd at the theater 54
Meaning: small injury

crowd doing a demonstration 70
Translation of the dream: need for prudence in speech

crowd of creditors 68
Interpretation: courage and firmness

unleash the crowd 11
Sense of the dream: reduced activity

mail by air 67
What does it mean: Good news from female person

incoming mail 1
Meaning of the dream: happy event in the family

postman delivering mail 14
Description: trip likely

mail 32
Interpretation of the dream: positive news for unfinished business

cheering crowd 45
Translation: bargains

gap in the crowd 57
Dream description: limited benefits

waving crowd 73
Meaning: affable character

open your mail 16
Translation of the dream: uncertainty as to overcome

crowd of monks 27
Interpretation: grave slander

murmur of the crowd 44
Sense of the dream: disorder

mail for letters 32
What does it mean: You will soon take your satisfaction

mail to a double game 50
Meaning of the dream: affair secret

receive mail 53
Description: arrival of relatives

fend off the mob 74
Interpretation of the dream: solitude and meditation

frank mail for abroad 28
Translation: unusual adventure

Remember to close the mail 34
Dream description: hard times

press of the crowd 7
Meaning: messy feelings

crowd noise 27
Translation of the dream: complications surmountable

email 70
Interpretation: little positive news

registered mail with return receipt 13
Sense of the dream: grave slander

read a post 4
What does it mean: lack of privacy

depositing mail 60
Meaning of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

a crowd of people 90
Description: displeasure by children

mail train 4
Interpretation of the dream: many business

go to the post office 47
Translation: great aspirations

chain mail 4
Dream description: hopes imaginative

letter mail it 81
Meaning: something in your daily life needs your attention

mail car 47
Translation of the dream: quick fixes

line at the post 75
Interpretation: strong critical sense

mob of thugs 26
Sense of the dream: spirit of adventure

circular mailed 56
What does it mean: stressful life

crowds of strangers 81
Meaning of the dream: slander foiled

multitude of killers 66
Description: gain

complaint at the post office 27
Interpretation of the dream: good health

multitude of priests 72
Translation: crisis of despair

lot 30
Dream description: quarrel and misunderstanding, discomfort to the judgment of others

multitude 36
Meaning: quarrel and misunderstanding, discomfort to the judgment of others

Head of Post 52
Translation of the dream: News coming soon

post office 25
Interpretation: Unusual proposals

post cards 16
Sense of the dream: small problems to solve

Postal payment 39
What does it mean: someone close to you is starting to question

post car 65
Meaning of the dream: affirmation slow

fasting for Lent 8
Description: sick passenger