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Criticizing the employer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream criticizing the employer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

employer 81
Meaning of the dream: stressful time

observe or criticize a budget 59
Description: opposition brief

criticize 78
Interpretation of the dream: needs to resize

criticism 30
Translation: opposition brief

unfair criticism 75
Dream description: support and loans

fair criticism 15
Meaning: slight indisposition

biting criticism 62
Translation of the dream: pride and pride

liar criticized 16
Interpretation: industriousness

fault vinegar 9
Sense of the dream: negative experience

exposing themselves to criticism 66
What does it mean: difficulty concentrating

check work 49
Meaning of the dream: financial aid

slow down the pace of work 42
Description: new responsibilities

detest work 56
Interpretation of the dream: poor physical endurance

workbasket 35
Translation: reconciliation with an enemy

shorten work 1
Dream description: mishaps

tireless work 66
Meaning: unforeseen expenses

intellectual work 57
Translation of the dream: useless projects

workmate 37
Interpretation: discord in the family

leave work 44
Sense of the dream: pleasant events in family

approve work 87
What does it mean: happy encounters

lose the job 31
Meaning of the dream: It is not comfortable with their current employment situation

lambasted 52
Description: useful proposal

inconstant work 7
Interpretation of the dream: new responsibilities

plenty of work 21
Translation: deceptions

Work embassy 22
Dream description: happy obstacle and aberrations youth

prepare work 78
Meaning: you are easily influenced

organize work 49
Translation of the dream: deep aspirations

continue the work 25
Interpretation: Danger averted

work box 15
Sense of the dream: crisis in the family

work schedule 18
What does it mean: important meetings

regular work 14
Meaning of the dream: small opposition

offer work 48
Description: passenger discontent

absorbed in work 43
Interpretation of the dream: bitter disappointment

working student 77
Translation: Sad News

love work 24
Dream description: fighting spirit

employment relationship 23
Meaning: future plans

job acceptance 76
Translation of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

work tools 50
Interpretation: news of relatives

working break 40
Sense of the dream: concerns

shelve work 85
What does it mean: achievements difficult

Working iron 39
Meaning of the dream: Late practices

immersed in the work 26
Description: harassment

judicious in the work 89
Interpretation of the dream: They will receive advice on safety

business hours 42
Translation: negative attitudes

work shirts 78
Dream description: need for courage

disaster at work 25
Meaning: quarrels dangerous

Farmer at work 87
Translation of the dream: someone around you is very stubborn

Working abandonment 23
Interpretation: great ideas

Knight of Labor 1
Sense of the dream: excellent chance of recovery

justify working 88
What does it mean: you fall in bad temptations

misfortune at work 25
Meaning of the dream: to avoid disputes

workers at work 69
Description: future plans

applied to the work 72
Interpretation of the dream: new interests

Working bench 61
Translation: hopes dashed

lifeguard at work 27
Dream description: material loss

inclination to work 33
Meaning: waste of money