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Crime news. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream crime news. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

take on a crime 57
Meaning of the dream: clarification

crime 66
Description: Wealth and Happiness

news 66
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction of your curiosity

ask for news 35

join a crime 15
Dream description: physical ailments

news agency 31
Meaning: greed for money

facilitate a crime 49
Translation of the dream: pleasant event

alarming news 57
Interpretation: quarrels with relatives

news of death 3
Sense of the dream: plenty of satisfactions

anxious news 78
What does it mean: obstinacy in resolutions

learn news 66
Meaning of the dream: curiosity satisfied

make a crime 9
Description: quarrels and concerns

partner in crime 74
Interpretation of the dream: someone is having a negative influence on you

communicate news 39
Translation: curiosity

confess a crime 3
Dream description: Passion for the game

consume a crime 41
Meaning: betrayals and fights

political crime 63
Translation of the dream: business cheated

crime of passion 55
Interpretation: lack of serenity

report a crime 13
Sense of the dream: ties earnest

issue a news 2
What does it mean: amour

ensure news 64
Meaning of the dream: Gift incoming

lead to crime 66
Description: decisive action

expected news 2
Interpretation of the dream: coherence between thought and action

good news 25
Translation: Violation of a duty

bad news 4
Dream description: hard won

telegraphic news 18
Meaning: setbacks and obstacles

give news 53
Translation of the dream: solution to a dispute

write news 13
Interpretation: happy intuition

organize a crime 80
Sense of the dream: serious concerns

repent of a crime 16
What does it mean: spirit of domination

design a crime 47
Meaning of the dream: danger of leakage

publish news 24
Description: Fast forward

saddened by news 84
Interpretation of the dream: serious and lasting ties

commit a crime 13
Translation: multiple difficulty

crime of slander 17
Dream description: obstacles to overcome

crime of blood 53
Meaning: rebellion useless

common crime 32
Translation of the dream: financial problems to be solved

crime punishable 26
Interpretation: program to change

crime unpunished 68
Sense of the dream: Contrast irreparable

bear news 27
What does it mean: that problem is solved

recent news 80
Meaning of the dream: invitation to accept

receive news 3
Description: confidences to avoid

report news 71
Interpretation of the dream: bitter disappointment

exchange news 18
Translation: physical

lack of news 11
Dream description: requited love

exculpate himself of a crime 48
Meaning: sadness and isolation

discover a crime 26
Translation of the dream: vain hopes

simulate a crime 72
Interpretation: incomprehension affective

television news 67
Sense of the dream: incoming letter

make news 40

crime boss 6

crime denounced 69

infamous crime 90

crime foiled 27

crime towards a real 8

complaint for a crime 27

crime story 14

Check news 89

terrified by the crime 75

circulation of news 33

trusting a crime 66

confinement for a crime 50

secret news 89

Official news 18

cheer for good news 65
Dream description: no waiting

besiege good news 68
Meaning: They come from far away

disseminate real news 53
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and recognition

bear bad news 30
Interpretation: lively personality

Subscribe to the newspaper 88
Sense of the dream: Secret Revealed

announcement newspaper 85
What does it mean: opposition prevented

criminal attorney 16
Meaning of the dream: union mismatched

criminal bath 9
Description: sorrows from distant relatives

criminal case 70
Interpretation of the dream: unchallenged authority

crew of criminals 75
Translation: conquests in love

criminal conviction 56
Dream description: offenses retracted

declare their crimes 54
Meaning: momentary difficulties

newspaper editor 37
Translation of the dream: pleasant novelty

direct a newspaper 13
Interpretation: difficulties of adaptation