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Crib in nutshell. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream crib in nutshell. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crib 28
Meaning of the dream: Family and positivity in life

crib do 88

hut of the crib 3
Interpretation of the dream: hopes realized

crib or manger 77
Translation: humiliation and misery

prepare the crib 70
Dream description: lasting love

crib at home 84
Meaning: success and sympathies

crib in church 1
Translation of the dream: powerful protectors

crib of plaster 63
Interpretation: activity on the rise

crib illuminated 49
Sense of the dream: spiritual understanding

living crib 56
What does it mean: well directed initiatives

decorate a crib 52

subscribe 11
Description: deal concluded

subscribe to the bus 7
Interpretation of the dream: deal concluded

Subscribe to the newspaper 88
Translation: Secret Revealed

subscribe to theatrical performances 29
Dream description: displeasure by joint

subscribe to library 22
Meaning: abundance

subscribe to restaurant 66
Translation of the dream: unexpected expense

subscribe to bathrooms 88
Interpretation: sorrow of love

describe 62
Sense of the dream: betrayal by a friend

describe a film 81
What does it mean: betrayal by a friend

describe an event 61
Meaning of the dream: visits annoying

describe a novel 72
Description: inconstant love

describe a story 11
Interpretation of the dream: strenuous discussions

describe a ceremony 16
Translation: happy realization

describe an accident 27
Dream description: narrow escape

describe something 26
Meaning: well inspired actions

describe a landscape 55
Translation of the dream: proposals flattering

subscribe to the radio 89
Interpretation: missed appointment

scribble 3
Sense of the dream: inner uncertainty

scribbling books 70
What does it mean: inner uncertainty

scribble sheets 68
Meaning of the dream: sense of inferiority

scribbling notebooks 12
Description: trouble with kinship

scribbling a wall 51
Interpretation of the dream: laziness and disinterest

scribbling a signature 30
Translation: heartbreak

to subscribe 6
Dream description: unnecessary apprehensions

be in dispute with a scribe 28
Meaning: you will be involved in shady business

subscribe to phone 33
Translation of the dream: pride and pride

subscribe to tram 59
Interpretation: clarity of ideas

transcribe 10
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

transcribe an act 2
What does it mean: inner conflicts

transcribe an article 23
Meaning of the dream: cunning and mischief

transcribe a document 15
Description: realization of hopes

transcribe an address 87
Interpretation of the dream: presence of mind

transcribe a letter 8
Translation: trouble with co-workers

transcribe a poem 9
Dream description: willingness inconstant

transcribe a song 29
Meaning: confusion and bewilderment

transcribing music 71
Translation of the dream: unexpected event

go beyond the prescribed limits 61
Interpretation: lack of reflection

subscriber 20

subscribe to the course 90

inscribed in school 88

subscribe to university 18

inscribed in the gym 10

prescribing doctor 6

subscribe bills 86