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Cremation corpses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cremation corpses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cremation 48
Meaning of the dream: Illusion

pile of corpses 36
Description: unpleasant complications in family

embalm corpses 50
Interpretation of the dream: Courage in adversity

dissect cadavers 89
Translation: serious concerns

stinking corpse 19
Dream description: serene balance

funeral 55
Meaning: danger

embalmed corpse 90
Translation of the dream: wisdom in thinking

mutilated corpse 72
Interpretation: will come away a person harasses or enemy

buried corpse 26
Sense of the dream: you rid of a problem

burn a corpse 83
What does it mean: dangerous changes

charred corpse 73
Meaning of the dream: luck in the game

bloodied corpse 18
Description: new knowledge

sacrament 60
Interpretation of the dream: you feel protected

bury corpse 49
Translation: Fortunately the work

rotting corpse 41
Dream description: Fear of losing your skills

remove a corpse 12
Meaning: concerns about an elderly person

Cooker a corpse 80
Translation of the dream: grief for relatives

corpse of boy 89
Interpretation: amorous adventures

halfburied corpse 79
Sense of the dream: situation is not definitively resolved

funeral orations 29
What does it mean: important relationships

solemn funeral 9
Meaning of the dream: contrasts continue

funeral oration 5
Description: You lose a friend

fish out a corpse 63
Interpretation of the dream: serious obstacles to overcome

corpse in the coffin 66
Translation: ties that melt

funeral service 84
Dream description: inner turmoil

corpse into pieces 40
Meaning: many meetings with women

poor funeral 27
Translation of the dream: loss of relatives or friends

funeral wreath 27
Interpretation: unexpected visit

hearse 90
Sense of the dream: sequence of events

corpse that rises 7
What does it mean: consistency in the actions

funeral decorations 66
Meaning of the dream: harmony

Funeral Mass 53
Description: penis overcome

receive the sacrament 51
Interpretation of the dream: time lucky

impart the sacrament 16
Translation: next joys

corpse to the cemetery 90
Dream description: sudden obstacle

royal funeral 66
Meaning: opposition in the family

day funeral 24
Translation of the dream: gain and well-paid job

abandonment of corpse 5
Interpretation: dream come true

funeral apparatus 73
Sense of the dream: sentimental melancholy

corpse in the morgue 78
What does it mean: loss and damage

funeral notice 31
Meaning of the dream: secret enemy harmful

religious funeral 86
Description: new energy

corpse of a woman 7
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood to a friend

attend a funeral 39
Translation: misfortune and pain

pompous funeral 30
Dream description: small solvable problems

corpse that moves 8
Meaning: good health, goodness of mind

funeral elegy 38
Translation of the dream: obstinacy in resolutions

funeral wallpaper 90
Interpretation: abandonment of projects

exhumation of a corpse 12
Sense of the dream: revivals of past projects

celebrate a funeral 19
What does it mean: unforeseen event

bier of a dead body 81
Meaning of the dream: discomforts passengers

go to a funeral 27
Description: sadness unjustified

funeral of a stranger 77
Interpretation of the dream: slander, deaf scams