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Cream-colored illuminated. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cream-colored illuminated. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cemetery illuminated 23
Meaning of the dream: risky business

illuminated theater 3
Description: deceptions secrets

crib illuminated 49
Interpretation of the dream: spiritual understanding

cream pie 73
Translation: pleasant novelty

Cream bagels 76
Dream description: great success

cream of milk 60
Meaning: gain in home

cream 17
Translation of the dream: attention to debts

Wrinkle Cream 53
Interpretation: deceptive appearances

eating cream 19
Sense of the dream: bad purchases

cream of icecream 84
What does it mean: deceptive illusion

jug with cream 72
Meaning of the dream: prudence in judging relatives

hair removal cream 76
Description: harbinger of doom

cream icecream 31
Interpretation of the dream: enforceable rights

strawberries with cream 36
Translation: lack of objectivity

buns with cream 3
Dream description: fears and anxieties passing

coffee with cream 78
Meaning: secret pleasures

illuminated altar 77
Translation of the dream: bad friends

illuminated alphabet 40
Interpretation: sympathies dangerous

Biscuit Cream 71
Sense of the dream: Reports perfect family

mix cream 10
What does it mean: exceptional strength

whisk cream 41
Meaning of the dream: lack of energy

cream with fruit 67
Description: misunderstandings

cream puffs 56
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected difficulties arise, obstacles, difficult to overcome

take the cream 79
Translation: Bad mood

chocolate cream 6
Dream description: minor annoyances

Cream croissant 76
Meaning: great social period

vanilla cream 41
Translation of the dream: indecision dangerous

cooking cream 43
Interpretation: confusion

snack cream 17
Sense of the dream: inner struggle

sorbet cream 56
What does it mean: family discussions

Cinema illuminated 27
Meaning of the dream: deceptions secrets

Cream pudding 66
Description: temerity

lounge illuminated 63
Interpretation of the dream: love declaration

sweet cream 20
Translation: lack of decision

lit atrium 28
Dream description: reckless projects

bait lit 10
Meaning: joy

illuminated square 70
Translation of the dream: intellectual interests

illuminated church 49
Interpretation: good wishes

granita with whipped cream 74
Sense of the dream: repentance for past mistakes

bitumen lit 32
What does it mean: Unresolved questions

illuminated tunnel 71
Meaning of the dream: Fears passengers

lie lit 87
Description: Good business opportunities

alley lit 54
Interpretation of the dream: complex issues to be resolved

lighted closet 22
Translation: situation stable

chandelier lit 48
Dream description: sensitive period

cream puffs with chocolate 58
Meaning: pleasant change

whipped cream 18
Translation of the dream: profitable business

colored urine 78
Interpretation: creativity and freedom

fleshcolored stockings 9
Sense of the dream: durable successes

color black 32
What does it mean: sadness

ice cream liqueur 59
Meaning of the dream: pleasant events

illuminated room 30
Description: momentary embarrassment

vestibule lit 42
Interpretation of the dream: useful clarifications

color 32
Translation: personal associations and relationships

colored hood 72
Dream description: exuberance sentimental

colored scrap 48
Meaning: misunderstandings sentimental