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Crate of onions. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream crate of onions. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

string of onions 33
Meaning of the dream: endless discussions

bunch of onions 44
Description: rapid insight

peel onions 19
Interpretation of the dream: Negative thoughts

plant onions 14
Translation: dangerous hazards

eat onions 42
Dream description: joys from loved ones

buy onions 70
Meaning: trouble from work

seize onions 11
Translation of the dream: pleasant surprises

chop onions 71
Interpretation: trip postponed

hang onions 49
Sense of the dream: hope failed

nail crate 24
What does it mean: financial trouble

liver with onions 6
Meaning of the dream: novelty good

onions in the soup 43
Description: impositions of relatives

salad with onions 73
Interpretation of the dream: measures to be taken

omelet with onions 28
Translation: short shift

onion peel 80
Dream description: affective manifestations

planting onion 14
Meaning: dangerous hazards

large chest 90
Translation of the dream: professional achievements

case with goods 33
Interpretation: amorous desires

chest with fruit 44
Sense of the dream: unfortunate investments

case with shoes 39
What does it mean: wishes fulfilled

box full 27
Meaning of the dream: foreign relations

caisson 70
Description: experience of suffering

savings Bank 63
Interpretation of the dream: positive news at work

petty cash 23
Translation: outputs from your isolation

baked onion 74
Dream description: absurd claims

case with sugar 69
Meaning: firm friendships

cooked onion 64
Translation of the dream: small losses

raw onion 65
Interpretation: exaggerated enthusiasm

chest with coffee 66
Sense of the dream: you are the victim of gossip

chopped onion 76
What does it mean: loss of security

peasant cash 6
Meaning of the dream: balance

onion planted 90
Description: It will happen adventure

iron chest 69
Interpretation of the dream: circumstances of fortune

fresh onion 75
Translation: good luck

real cash 40
Dream description: intolerance

onion Romagna 59
Meaning: important conclusions

clock case 48
Translation of the dream: quick decision-making

chest with a treasure 55
Interpretation: you adopt a child

cash with clothing 80
Sense of the dream: resistance force

tin box 78
What does it mean: you feel persecuted for no reason

broken box 71
Meaning of the dream: wrong impressions

case with joys 5
Description: you will be called to testify

chest with weapons 22
Interpretation of the dream: good friendships

dustbin 40
Translation: material aid

bass drum 38
Dream description: fanciful dreams

close the dustbin 20
Meaning: trouble and contrasts

snare broken 43
Translation of the dream: treachery

open the dustbin 74
Interpretation: sentimental adventure

cashier store 85
Sense of the dream: Lost Illusions

loosing a bow 85
What does it mean: intrigue hidden

onion 10
Meaning of the dream: sorrows, tears

drawer 22
Description: contrasts with brothers

by birds bow 43
Interpretation of the dream: ambiguous proposals

coffer 4
Translation: safe, buy some

ivory box 35
Dream description: winning the game