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Cow's tail. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cow's tail. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tail 6
Meaning of the dream: assistance of friends and good luck

fillet of cow 5
Description: compromising entanglements

cooked tail 54
Interpretation of the dream: inner conflicts

cow grazing 38
Translation: personal affirmation

cow 17
Dream description: gain safe

tail broken 29
Meaning: sadness and melancholy

short tail 65
Translation of the dream: you're isolating yourself from others

sheep's tail 22
Interpretation: bad speculations

wound tail 58
Sense of the dream: news like

donkey tail 31
What does it mean: discord with friends

tail dog 9
Meaning of the dream: need a lot of patience

cat tail 35
Description: new love

volatile tail 57
Interpretation of the dream: interesting proposals

tail of a lion 25
Translation: new friends

cost cow 31
Dream description: physical fatigue

muzzle cow 27
Meaning: risky business

Boiled cow 16
Translation of the dream: wrath

long tail 33
Interpretation: boredom and loneliness

dead cow 84
Sense of the dream: disputes difficult

cow ruminates 55
What does it mean: vain illusions

lean cow 3
Meaning of the dream: realizations

mozzarella cow 62
Description: wills

scorpion tail 12
Interpretation of the dream: you're looking to improve your character

cow suckling 38
Translation: affected quiet

tail of birds 64
Dream description: afflictions of love

mouse tail 28
Meaning: triumph over enemies

monkey tail 57
Translation of the dream: false flattery

comet tail 90
Interpretation: conventional relations

tail cut 83
Sense of the dream: hard problems

milk a cow 14
What does it mean: windfall

ponytail 86
Meaning of the dream: profitable business

cow fleeing 57
Description: burdensome problems

snake tail 3
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

steal the cow 54
Translation: squabbles interest

cow giving birth 45
Dream description: interesting novelty

cow in the mountains 78
Meaning: popularity and success

cow in the barn 39
Translation of the dream: hard work

cow in the plains 79
Interpretation: victory over enemies

buy the cow 28
Sense of the dream: triumph over difficulties

cow with calf 48
What does it mean: right judgment

crocodile tail 1
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing moments

cow with bull 43
Description: requited love

stars with tail 38
Interpretation of the dream: need for caution

cow with the plow 75
Translation: gumption

man with tail 74
Dream description: try to have a more open mind

lizard without a tail 77
Meaning: quick gains and important

see the cow milking 37
Translation of the dream: problems solved

fat cow 60
Interpretation: loss of property

foxtail 16
Sense of the dream: deception by a woman

being chased by a cow 11
What does it mean: inner insecurity

oxtail 56
Meaning of the dream: new energy

cow slaughter 22
Description: uncertainty about what to do

fake ponytail 9
Interpretation of the dream: I ll be alone

sea ​​cow 88
Translation: diseases avoided

butcher's shop 87
Dream description: misgivings

cowboy 48
Meaning: enforceable rights