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Covered wash. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream covered wash. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

covered 70
Meaning of the dream: need for adaptation

covered bed 30
Description: declining health

covered market 69
Interpretation of the dream: reflection and readiness

be covered with feathers 18
Translation: hassles and annoyances

covered bridge 9
Dream description: contrasts intimate

be covered with hair 3
Meaning: health and long life

Covered discolored 85
Translation of the dream: intense passion

covered by sofa 57

patch covered 77

dress covered with gold 7
What does it mean: sign of wealth and honor

snow-covered mountain 7
Meaning of the dream: Please obtained

have the body covered with sores 80
Description: great riches

nougat covered with chocolate 52
Interpretation of the dream: ephemeral successes

have the back covered with ulcers 26
Translation: triumph of enemies or envious, general contempt

have the body covered with maggots 76
Dream description: great riches

wash 66
Meaning: you are removing some negativity in life and overcome the main obstacles

wash up 58
Translation of the dream: self confidence

wash clothes 42
Interpretation: success

wash towel 33
Sense of the dream: negative emotions

wash your shirt 58
What does it mean: crushes

wash your hair 71
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

wash in a basin 77
Description: wrong views

wash rags 71
Interpretation of the dream: family concerns

Wash the chicory 25
Translation: Good support

wash your neck 86
Dream description: good health

wash his face 41
Meaning: sadness passing

wash the apron 36
Translation of the dream: new love

wash salad 17
Interpretation: dangerous distraction

wash linen 71
Sense of the dream: prosperity and health

wash pots 76
What does it mean: mixed feelings

wash floors 4
Meaning of the dream: little annoyances

hand wash 68
Description: happiness in family

wash my underwear 31
Interpretation of the dream: sudden change of plans

wash your ears 17
Translation: beginning of a happy relationship

wash vegetables 22
Dream description: physical endurance

wash the pan 70
Meaning: intimate rebellion

wash the brush 20
Translation of the dream: overcome difficulties

wash the pot 15
Interpretation: intentions absurd

wash your pajamas 53
Sense of the dream: very complex personality

wash up cups 2
What does it mean: demonstrations of trust

Wash the towel 16
Meaning of the dream: peace of the heart

wash the bowl 1
Description: new interests

wash bucket 33
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiastically

wash the threshold 82
Translation: affection and consideration

Wash spinach 38
Dream description: position of privilege

wash dishes 57
Meaning: positive energy

wash the tablecloth 78
Translation of the dream: strength and health

wash napkin 49
Interpretation: new energy

wash greens 44
Sense of the dream: practical problem to be solved

wash cabbage 34
What does it mean: good health

wash the garment 79
Meaning of the dream: ties unstable

naked that you wash 2

wash children 36

wash bottles 20

wash cloths 16

wash plates 42

wash cutlery 1

wash rice 4

wash with fresh water 7
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and joy

wash cloths outdoors 29
What does it mean: gossip in the air

wash cloths at home 34
Meaning of the dream: you do not know your stuff

adultery discovered 81
Description: misery

anus discovered 15
Interpretation of the dream: freedom from responsibility

washing of clothes 79
Translation: insecurity

discover lie 75
Dream description: lack of flexibility

cesspool discovered 9
Meaning: hopes realized

recover an account 3
Translation of the dream: agitation and malaise

discover smuggling 32
Interpretation: lack of discipline

cover crock 12
Sense of the dream: mixed feelings

Cover again 53
What does it mean: measure in spending

cover dirty 72
Meaning of the dream: fads