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Covered bricks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream covered bricks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bricks 77
Meaning of the dream: fears

wagon with bricks 89
Description: solitude

covered 70
Interpretation of the dream: need for adaptation

covered bed 30
Translation: declining health

covered market 69
Dream description: reflection and readiness

be covered with feathers 18
Meaning: hassles and annoyances

covered bridge 9
Translation of the dream: contrasts intimate

be covered with hair 3
Interpretation: health and long life

Covered discolored 85
Sense of the dream: intense passion

covered by sofa 57
What does it mean: walk on the water with a friend

patch covered 77
Meaning of the dream: eccentricity harmful

It is entirely covered in tattoos 79
Description: You are suppressing sexual desires or the desire to live for the job fault

covered parking 58
Interpretation of the dream: protect someone from potential problems

covered duvet 56
Translation: amusement hidden to someone

dress covered with gold 7
Dream description: sign of wealth and honor

snow-covered mountain 7
Meaning: Please obtained

have the body covered with sores 80
Translation of the dream: great riches

nougat covered with chocolate 52
Interpretation: ephemeral successes

have the back covered with ulcers 26
Sense of the dream: triumph of enemies or envious, general contempt

have the body covered with maggots 76
What does it mean: great riches

someone completely covered in tattoos 70
Meaning of the dream: you need to talk more about their problems

adultery discovered 81
Description: misery

anus discovered 15
Interpretation of the dream: freedom from responsibility

discover lie 75
Translation: lack of flexibility

brick fireplace 55
Dream description: contrasts with the family to avoid

easel by bricklayer 16
Meaning: good luck

cesspool discovered 9
Translation of the dream: hopes realized

recover an account 3
Interpretation: agitation and malaise

discover smuggling 32
Sense of the dream: lack of discipline

cover crock 12
What does it mean: mixed feelings

Cover again 53
Meaning of the dream: measure in spending

cover dirty 72
Description: fads

cover themselves with a blanket 28
Interpretation of the dream: insecurity

cover up 68
Translation: you will be robbed

cover the pot 48
Dream description: events do not force

cover a plate 81
Meaning: common sense

cover the car 17
Translation of the dream: constructive dynamic

cover a horse 49
Interpretation: improvement

cover your face 46
Sense of the dream: tips!

cover your eyes 85
What does it mean: interests compromised

cover the chest 83
Meaning of the dream: disputes with relatives

cover your back 36
Description: increased security

cover your arms 37
Interpretation of the dream: imagination and romance

building brick 23
Translation: pleasant adventures

unrecoverable error 63
Dream description: painful events