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Costume by seaman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream costume by seaman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

historical costume 43
Meaning of the dream: novelty favorable

dance costume 71
Description: bad success of an idea

regional costume 79
Interpretation of the dream: imagination and fantasy

costume 28
Translation: surrounded by people dishonest

masquerade costume 57
Dream description: misunderstanding with an elderly person

modern costume 67
Meaning: lack of real affection

be in costume 5
Translation of the dream: sincere affection

reception in costume 54
Interpretation: adventures passing

sailor 7
Sense of the dream: danger on the road

theatrical costume 29
What does it mean: health uncertain

stop sailor 88
Meaning of the dream: testimonies of affection

sailor on lookout 69
Description: solutions and innovations

valiant sailor 27
Interpretation of the dream: gains with work

aspiring sailor 21
Translation: joys and desires

sailor's coat 70
Dream description: moral force

camouflage suit 42
Meaning: Period of nervousness

old suit 71
Translation of the dream: seriousness of purpose

ruining a suit 65
Interpretation: unnecessary fears

buy a suit 11
Sense of the dream: specific ideas

asbestos suit 40
What does it mean: sweeping changes

wool suit 50
Meaning of the dream: new responsibilities

costume ball 71
Description: good organization

diver putting the suit 2
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing situation

sailor hat 84
Translation: some complications

white attire 11
Dream description: circumstances of fortune

costume jewelry 14
Meaning: be persevering

swimsuit 8
Translation of the dream: great sensitivity

black robe 32
Interpretation: need for choice

wedding attire 80
Sense of the dream: You will incur bad actions

delivering a suit 6
What does it mean: interesting novelty

Use costumes 29
Meaning of the dream: big news

dressing up in costumes 26
Description: inner insecurity

black dress 73
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

plunge in swimsuit 60
Translation: desire for freedom

diver who takes away the diving suit 11
Dream description: resourcefulness

spacesuit 15
Meaning: novelty in the work

wet suit 10
Translation of the dream: benefits

splash suit 2
Interpretation: indiscretion of a friend

dress costumes 55
Sense of the dream: falsehood

easel by bricklayer 16
What does it mean: good luck

see seafarer on a moving ship 33
Meaning of the dream: your hope is booming

toga by professor 79
Description: hopes for the future

being stung by wasps 58
Interpretation of the dream: loss, numerous setbacks caused by envious

add the pieces of a dress 88
Translation: abrupt disappointment

by voting dress 42
Dream description: gains that fade

custom label 43
Meaning: sudden realization

morality command 49
Translation of the dream: from health check

man's suit 16
Interpretation: support to be given

wounded (dreamed by a powerful) 44
Sense of the dream: danger to your person

travel by sea 19
What does it mean: misunderstanding clarified

approved by many 25
Meaning of the dream: quarrels dangerous

by designer folder 9
Description: new experiences

stabbed by the enemy 26
Interpretation of the dream: overreact