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Correct tasks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream correct tasks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

correct tasks 23
Meaning of the dream: wrong attitudes

correct boys 12
Description: diligent collaboration

correct abuses 75
Interpretation of the dream: lack of reflection

correct writing 25
Translation: jealousy accentuated

correct 63
Dream description: you feel superior

give the correct answer to the quiz 87
Meaning: flattered by people not sincere

start down the right path 48
Translation of the dream: doubts tormenting

collect duties 12
Interpretation: conflicts with superiors

find yourself at the fork on the right path 22
Sense of the dream: wise insight

right season 58
What does it mean: tormenting indecision

right ethics 88
Meaning of the dream: health concerns

action 18
Description: losses

correct their defects 48
Interpretation of the dream: aspirations and projects

exact time 10
Translation: feelings of sympathy

combing accurate 18
Dream description: good friendships

correcting children 2
Meaning: documents to be checked

accurate work 33
Translation of the dream: Threads

accurate project 84
Interpretation: small defeat

literary work 71
Sense of the dream: tenacious feelings

correcting pupils 19
What does it mean: benevolence of neighbors

correct the faults of others 62
Meaning of the dream: ailments passengers

correcting the writings 31
Description: good wishes

correcting his wife 84
Interpretation of the dream: economic benefits

accurate 7
Translation: Threads

spots 83
Dream description: laziness, dirt

fix errors 61
Meaning: changes of opinion

right 27
Translation of the dream: you have luck in businesses

white patches 8
Interpretation: arrival of relatives

good action 46
Sense of the dream: opposition at home

capillary action 3
What does it mean: you complete your projects

remove stains 21
Meaning of the dream: Useful social relations

bad action 17
Description: success of new ideas

fruitful action 38
Interpretation of the dream: freedom of decision

Action distorted 37
Translation: inattention dangerous

oil stains 66
Dream description: a dangerous situation

colored spots 64
Meaning: increase of prestige

boorish action 52
Translation of the dream: something makes you insecure

selfless action 15
Interpretation: sacrifices for relatives

imitate action 76
Sense of the dream: mysterious personality

moving action 83
What does it mean: stable relationships

conscious action 6
Meaning of the dream: adaptability and optimism

to act 66
Description: organizational capacity

freckles on the face 42
Interpretation of the dream: anger

bank action 25
Translation: you need a quieter working life

blood stains 50
Dream description: bad omen

spots on the chest 18
Meaning: disease

decoction 71
Translation of the dream: danger of cheating

quite right 11
Interpretation: quality artistic

coffee stain 73
Sense of the dream: satisfactory results

right honorary 18
What does it mean: future plans

right complaint 20
Meaning of the dream: nervous tension

retaliation right 26
Description: new guidelines

good deed 44
Interpretation of the dream: sadness to win

perfect teeth 88
Translation: travel plans

committing bad actions 47
Dream description: honors

medicate with patches 70
Meaning: uncertainty of tomorrow