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Copy of actors. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream copy of actors. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see many actors 27
Meaning of the dream: success happy and great satisfaction

limelight with actors 30
Description: Friends insincere

cast actors 18
Interpretation of the dream: News uncertain

engaging actors 45
Translation: new ideas

to copy 89
Dream description: ill-treatment and abuse

attach a copy 1
Meaning: good faith betrayed

copy by hand 47
Translation of the dream: financial mess

copy to machine 45
Interpretation: difficult days

copy from a book 44
Sense of the dream: tactical change

copy from a notebook 57
What does it mean: weak hopes

copy a task 22
Meaning of the dream: harmful extravagance

copy a letter 2
Description: good faith betrayed

original copy 1
Interpretation of the dream: encouragements

copy a document 56
Translation: presence of mind

copy a signature 81
Dream description: difficult struggle

archivist copy 27
Meaning: Overcoming Opposition

copy of a manuscript 1
Translation of the dream: delicate situation

copy of a painting 82
Interpretation: good relations with relatives

copy machine 21
Sense of the dream: you are tired of your monotonous life

copy with beautiful calligraphy 4
What does it mean: needed rest

copy with bad handwriting 56
Meaning of the dream: false alarms

beer factory 57
Description: unjustified aggression

contractor 60
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected fortune

deal with a contractor 60
Translation: unexpected fortune

be contractor 1
Dream description: next loss

actor of a comedy or farce 59
Meaning: the success of the deal which you deal

actor who is a tragedy 16
Translation of the dream: sadness

be an actor 72
Interpretation: thoughts

meet a benefactor 63
Sense of the dream: You go well for the way you have chosen

factory boss 51
What does it mean: financial success

factory chimney 70
Meaning of the dream: unexpected gains

directing a factory 56
Description: futile efforts

copyist 67
Interpretation of the dream: hunger and misery

driving a tractor 50
Translation: Safety in tomorrow

factory 12
Dream description: sizes future

paper factory 49
Meaning: prosperity of your business

Silk Factory 27
Translation of the dream: your business goes from bad to worse

tile factory 21
Interpretation: a good friend will make a visit

Factory velvet 11
Sense of the dream: It will fall into the abyss

factor 81
What does it mean: diligently you reach the intent, news of a friend

Factory worker 70
Meaning of the dream: welfare and honors

see a malefactor 30
Description: death of friends

factory owner 90
Interpretation of the dream: Good News

copybook of accounts 88
Translation: fear of tomorrow

recopy 48
Dream description: nervousness and agitation

overseer Factory 72
Meaning: joy

betray a benefactor 68
Translation of the dream: secret love