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Copper mine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream copper mine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

copper mine 19
Meaning of the dream: strong personality

Silver Mine 63
Description: sudden fright

iron mine 4
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

mercury mine 56
Translation: quarrels dangerous

copper nail 14
Dream description: skirmishes of love

copper workshop 27
Meaning: economic achievements

sulfur mine 70
Translation of the dream: ambiguous behavior

copper quarry 11
Interpretation: contrasts boring

Copper stock 8
Sense of the dream: afflictions

copper jug 42
What does it mean: vital exuberance

dig a mine 62
Meaning of the dream: hostility of the surrounding environment

copper filings 45
Description: Late regrets

copper lid 48
Interpretation of the dream: affectionate collaboration

copper bucket 45
Translation: constancy in love

copper chain 56
Dream description: susceptibility exaggerated

copper ladle 56
Meaning: financial worries

natural copper 4
Translation of the dream: unpleasant news

armor copper 32
Interpretation: brilliant statement

copper chisel 37
Sense of the dream: affirmation difficult

duct copper 84
What does it mean: try to be more relaxed

melt copper 84
Meaning of the dream: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

andirons copper 33
Description: benevolence of young people

visit a mine 26
Interpretation of the dream: excessive aggression

copper brazier 20
Translation: respond quickly

copper circle 46
Dream description: good health

copper 47
Meaning: good deal

polish copper 11
Translation of the dream: shady business

Copper spangle 79
Interpretation: economic benefits

copper medal 64
Sense of the dream: you're an important element at work

copper engraving 62
What does it mean: happy choice

copper gold 14
Meaning of the dream: fanaticism exaggerated

copper bowl 15
Description: hard work

copper worked 40
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded fears

solder copper 19
Translation: embarrassing choice

fireplace copper 88
Dream description: to overcome prejudices

Copper engraved 10
Meaning: refined taste

copper drainer 66
Translation of the dream: agreement with the family

copper plate 82
Interpretation: morbid affections

copper utensils 86
Sense of the dream: economic security

copper slag 53
What does it mean: minor annoyances

beaten copper 42
Meaning of the dream: moments of despair

copper wire 3
Description: uncertain situation

blow up a mine 4
Interpretation of the dream: things go wrong in every sector

mine that explodes 75
Translation: imminent death

engraving on copper 68
Dream description: strong personality

copper pan 60
Meaning: Decision to be taken

copper sulphate 81
Translation of the dream: compromises

mine 70
Interpretation: much work and little use

Copper Cross 27
Sense of the dream: impatience from curb

copper in coin 6
What does it mean: slowly reach the goal

silver-plated copper 84
Meaning of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

Warmer copper 39
Description: idealism accentuated

amphora copper 89
Interpretation of the dream: fleeting joys

a mine explosion 66
Translation: deserved awards

money in coppers 45
Dream description: modest gains

brass medal 90
Meaning: Legal difficulties

put mine in the ground 89
Translation of the dream: want revenge at all costs