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Cookie offered. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cookie offered. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

little cookie 15
Meaning of the dream: projects that require big commitments

cookie 15
Description: there is a tendency to excessive desires

biscuit liquor 62
Interpretation of the dream: your job you do not like

Biscuit Cream 71
Translation: Reports perfect family

biscuit with lemon 89
Dream description: duplicity of character

cocoa biscuit 43
Meaning: heavy duty

receive cookies as gifts 84
Translation of the dream: evil-minded friends

cookies 52
Interpretation: pay attention to a subject and not sincere

bake biscuits 82
Sense of the dream: prudence in speech

baked biscuits 4
What does it mean: some complications

eating biscuits 39
Meaning of the dream: deserved award

buy biscuits 54
Description: clumsy actions

give biscuits 69
Interpretation of the dream: exploitation by friends

butter biscuits 54
Translation: pleasant events

dunking biscuits 50
Dream description: false news

Crumble biscuits 58
Meaning: minor setbacks

eat biscuits to satiety 23
Translation of the dream: Good news and profits

offer sweet 64
Interpretation: contrasts minor

offer money 40
Sense of the dream: distrust of the next

offer a ride 45
What does it mean: shoal

offer a trip 4
Meaning of the dream: letters and news

offer a fun 90
Description: Hidden agendas

offer a punch 26
Interpretation of the dream: sacrifices to bear

offer a gift 73
Translation: careless actions

offer a deal 19
Dream description: likely changes

offer a lunch 18
Meaning: simple tastes

offer a sandwich 80
Translation of the dream: excitement exaggerated

offer a cigarette 34
Interpretation: activity on the rise

offer a banquet 30
Sense of the dream: unjustified anxiety

offer a cordial 38
What does it mean: distraction and confusion

offer the drink 9
Meaning of the dream: union inconstant

offer the donut 40
Description: superficial love

case provided 90
Interpretation of the dream: evidence of common sense

offer selfless help 36
Translation: lack of understanding

offer an escape 44
Dream description: luck and joy

put on sale 2
Meaning: dangerous temptations

lauded 25
Translation of the dream: vivid imagination

lurking discovered 54
Interpretation: pain of love

knight praised 55
Sense of the dream: happy coexistence

smuggler discovered 18
What does it mean: horrible catastrophe

gunman sought 54
Meaning of the dream: pay more attention to the things you do

perspicacity 42
Description: nervousness accentuated

singer applauded 71
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant spending

liar discovered 38
Translation: excellent cooperation

informer discovered 38
Dream description: intimate joy

cheater discovered 72
Meaning: unwillingness

appropriator discovered 3
Translation of the dream: deception by women

cesspool discovered 9
Interpretation: hopes realized

applauded the streets 12
Sense of the dream: loquacity that you will bring trouble

open a shop 18
What does it mean: strange friendships

adultery discovered 81
Meaning of the dream: misery

lecturer applauded 28
Description: dissatisfactions at work

activist denounced 3
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous illusions

release a recommended 9
Translation: happy news coming

casino discovered 78
Dream description: lightness in love

comedian applauded 9
Meaning: requited love

reject the recommended 4
Translation of the dream: plans to change

velodrome discovered 16
Interpretation: excessive demands

Minister condemned 34
Sense of the dream: emotional states to control