Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

cooked egg

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: cooked egg

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70 cooked egg
the luck on your side

50 egg
It represents life

32 an egg alabaster
intolerance towards youth

68 albumen (egg)

7 lay an egg

7 egg noodles
passing enthusiasm

41 egg white
joy, luck

53 fresh egg
you ll get some good news

18 rotten egg
disappointments, difficult problems

73 boiled egg
minor satisfaction

45 broken egg
possible misfortunes

51 eat egg
advantage of a favorable moment

73 egg in the nest
joy in family

74 hen egg ago
happiness and joy

16 dirty with something or egg red
persecution of enemies

3 whisk egg yolk
important proposal

59 whisk egg yolk with sugar
small disappointment

18 cooked too much
modesty and simple life

64 cooked garlic
reckless speculation

18 lamb cooked
life long

13 codfish cooked
unrighteous thoughts

31 woodcock cooked
jealousies and intrigues

79 chop cooked
prudent confidentiality

52 cooked meat
unforeseen circumstances

74 brain cooked
unexpected proposal

46 chicory cooked
favors to be granted

64 cooked onion
small losses

18 offal cooked

19 raw and not cooked
you will have troubles

86 pheasant cooked
disagreement in the family

33 cooked beans
concerns for the future

11 cooked liver

48 cooked mushrooms
indecision dangerous

5 cooked chicken
disappointment and sadness

48 cooked shrimp
sad disappointments

81 cooked legumes
disagreement with a son

43 cooked snails
sentimental serenity

32 goose cooked
lightness and pride

13 cooked vegetables
capacity building

40 oyster cooked
visit of a loved one

62 partridge cooked
difficult relationships

50 pigeons cooked
risks and carelessness

41 cooked peas
sudden infirmity

16 cooked tomatoes
innovations and initiatives

61 cooked rice
bright spirit

59 cooked salami
some contrast

58 cooked sausage
difficult journey

11 celery cooked
impediments and delays

12 cuttlefish cooked
conventional prejudices

37 cooked tuna
jealousy and mistrust

83 tripe cooked
good business

41 anchovies cooked
deterioration of romantic relationships

37 cooked broad beans
short illness

6 eat cooked fava
stubborn fight

60 apple poorly cooked
ill health

68 68 - Smorfia classic: soup cooked

58 be a beggar

66 meet a beggar

80 give alms to a beggar
Good speculation

21 blind beggar
fake friends

24 crippled beggar

56 beggar thief
discover pleasant

61 beggar drunk
danger of slander

2 buy eggs
dangerous attachment

54 crowds of beggars
vile actions

22 be stopped by a beggar
thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

40 basket with eggs
welfare loss

36 cooker hood

33 hen with eggs
good inspirations

75 couple of eggs
intrigue difficult to thwart

9 reduced to begging
enterprises difficult to fulfill

62 cooker
sorrow and misery

51 electric cooker
excitement from curb

25 frying eggs
idealism and confidentiality

36 whisk eggs
latent energies to be exploited

88 see hens lay eggs
peace and contentment

77 eggshell
unpleasant encounters

2 nun begging
secret adventure

80 mute begging passers
serious concerns for a family