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Convert to another faith. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream convert to another faith. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

convert to another faith 29
Meaning of the dream: painful decisions

convert to God 90
Description: surprise

convert a sinner 38
Interpretation of the dream: discipline in work

convert 36
Translation: desire for perversion

convert to the good 15
Dream description: wise prudence

convert titles 16
Meaning: business to be concluded

convert to Christianity 45
Translation of the dream: good balance

betraying the faith 25
Interpretation: lack of sensitivity

denying their faith 28
Sense of the dream: presumption and ignorance

go to another life 28
What does it mean: misery

faith marriage 42
Meaning of the dream: horrible catastrophe

engage faith 23
Description: separation for a chat

political faith 23
Interpretation of the dream: apparent generosity

faith in saints 87
Translation: overwork

faith ring 21
Dream description: uncertain situation

faith 4
Meaning: concerns

become a martyr for the faith 33
Translation of the dream: honor and veneration public

faith in God 33
Interpretation: changing opinions

social faith 77
Sense of the dream: unreasonable actions

baptismal faith 88
What does it mean: fortitude

false faith 57
Meaning of the dream: ambition fulfilled

Perhaps the faith 74
Description: useful meetings

moral faith 30
Interpretation of the dream: quite a good omen

lose faith 90
Translation: weakness of character

tear to another face 71
Dream description: You have procured a hurt someone

moving to another city 39
Meaning: business proposals

buttocks see those of another 11
Translation of the dream: bagatelle

religious faith 51
Interpretation: fads

faith in justice 44
Sense of the dream: approvals for work

see another naked 20
What does it mean: desires anxious

dust powdering another 5
Meaning of the dream: You will witness a crime

raising someone else's child 25
Description: discord with women

Christian faith 43
Interpretation of the dream: new ideas but risky

believe more beautiful with elegant looks 21
Translation: threatening illness or loss of property

giving apples to other 28
Dream description: great fortune

leprosy or other shameful disease 10
Meaning: profit and wealth in disgrace good deal where you will find the selfinterest

problem of another kind 42
Translation of the dream: confusion and indecision

breakage of wood or of any other object 17
Interpretation: funeral in sight

profess a religion 1
Sense of the dream: happy omen

heritage shared with other 33
What does it mean: exaggerated emotionality

to wander from one place to another 80
Meaning of the dream: search of truth

believe 2
Description: changing mood

baptism of a convert 5
Interpretation of the dream: desire for perversion

do other embassy 67
Translation: hard work

reveal the facts of the other 43
Dream description: friendship renewed

turn a money to other 45
Meaning: emotional hardships

other name day 11
Translation of the dream: clashes of views with loved ones

throw lifesaver other 18
Interpretation: unhappy emotional bond

barn together with other birds 28
Sense of the dream: loss of wealth